Giving In

She was laying in bed trying to sleep. Tossing and turning.  It is hot in her room. She took off her shirt and shorts, leaving her covered in just sheets and panties, trying to cool herself down with no avail.  She kicks off half her sheets but the room still doesn't surrender to the coolness of the night.  She cannot get comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep....let alone any type of sleep.  The heat or maybe the distraction of him in her mind, either could be the reason for her restless nights.
He must have known, maybe feeling the same way? An impulsive, adventurous feeling overcomes him as he realizes he is sneaking into her room....trying not to wake the others.  What is he doing? He talks to himself, asking himself what exactly his plans are.  This is not like him.  A forbidden territory, entered by temptation and an enticing imagination.  He just wants to see her.  He wants to feel her body pressed against his and to smell her fragrance entangled with his.  
As he walks into the room, he leans against the wall waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.  As they adjust slowly, his eyes fall upon her.   Mesmerized by her beauty as she lay there.  Wrapped partially in a sheet, he notices the thin material is the only thing blocking him from seeing her body.  Moving his eyes down her body, following the path of the skin outside the sheet, he comes across black fabric that forms perfectly on her hip.  His body jolts with excitement, feeling his erection grow as goose bumps appear across his body.  So close he can hear her breathing.  He approaches the bed and notices she is not asleep.
She turns her head and meets his eyes.  His illuminating, azure eyes look into her soul and makes her body tense with excitement.  Moving from his piercing blue eyes, she looks down his body and notices he is barely dressed; only wearing shorts that are hanging loosely on his hips and his "V" enticingly disappearing.  His messy hair and his face looking as if he just woke up.  His muscles are outlined by the reflection of the moon coming through the window; revealing the tattoos that are covering his chest and arms.  
At that moment, she felt him become the ache between her legs the desire forming in her lower belly, the tingling sensation on her skin.  She just wants to touch him, wants him to touch her.  No words exchanged, but they both knew and felt the tension...a non verbal mutual agreement enticing him to make the first move.
He climbs into her bed and straddles her body, grabbing both her arms and bringing them above her head.  Laying on her, she wraps her legs around his...pulling him closer.  His body pressure feels so good, pushing her into the mattress.  The heat from his body intertwining with hers making her insides flutter and melt.  His aroma filling her senses making her dizzy.  The way his grip on her wrists are firm and gentle, yet dominating and demanding for cooperation...for control.  The protrusion between his legs insisting to be released, nudging the inside of her thigh...exciting.  She is very aware of him; off the tension building between them.
Is this actually happening or did she finally fall into a slumber and her dreams are mocking her fantasies?  He stares into her eyes, trying to look into the depths of her desire, trying to find the truth.  the tension finally pulls his lips to hers.  The moment their lips touched, all boundaries disappeared.  She deepens the kiss...makingtheir bodies invigorate.

Written by GravityTrip
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