No Tears

Another body has been laid, but whose was it?
Got too many people watchin me now so I guess I need to watch my back.
I should be ashamed, beaten and forgotten
Looked down upon as I am sent running down the road of tomorrow bare skinned and lanky.
But I am not…instead I’d rather throw my fist in the air and yell at the top of my lungs…
Your tears have been flowing for far too long.
Many have used your name in vain, cursed others with its pain.
Disregarded the fact that you and only you were the first to give life without any mortal being.
Lost and forgotten in time, laughed about and mocked.
So for today I ask that you do not weep.
Because there is no need to…
The scent of ignorance fills the air choking the innocence out of newborn babies, leaving them zomiefied as the cold hard taste of reality smacks them on their asses.
Sending out cries of sorrow drowning out tears of happiness.
Eyes glaring…judging one another, attaching fake smiles on temporary masks as they curse truth-disregarding honesty.
Accepting lies, dishonoring everything that is meant to be and will ever be.
For it is a lie…everything is all just a lie.
Just as discolored as my skin, my semi-coursed hair is just a show it is not my true being.
It is not what makes me who I am…
The real me stand out like a clear sheep overshadowed by a black wolf with solid golden eyes.
The real me is laying eloping the pavement…soul oozing out of my body as the acids within me run wildly throughout me poisoning my body.
The real them is yelling for change, encouraging change, yet is holding everyone back including the book thumpers that are crying out your name in vein.
Yet are running around poking everything that has a hole that cannot stop insertion.
You may not be able to speak any wrong but I surely can.
There is a fire that is burning within me that cannot ever be put out.
A truth that surrounds me that even the most ignorant can drown out.
Why pray for peace when peace is not being allowed to be welcomed.
Why honor me now when before I was shot down you did not like me.
You did not like me because of the tone of my skin,
You did not like me because who I called a friend,
You did not like me because I had something more than you,
You did not like me because I was just simply me,
And you hated me because you were taught to just hate me.
So no Mary…you shall not weep today.
Like a double-sided sword I cut not only myself but also the world.
Exposing the truth and the reality of things, flipping the blinds
Letting the sunlight burn your eyes…cleansing them of their false pretense
Why should I label myself when here I stand labeled with labels that I never placed upon my roasted skin?
Why can I not trust the supposed trusted, and lie to the ones that are meant to be so damn trustworthy.
I lay it all on the line, put my last and final on an unmarked grave and walk away from it all without a second thought.
A world full of corruption…of lies and deceit…
I am no better than anyone else.
My mother who is your mother had also eaten from the forbidden tree.
She tasted the juice…found nourishment in it and shared it with the world…
I will now lay in silence…dehydrated by the sunlight.
Numb to the fact that I am sitting around many bodies that could very well be mine.
We all share the same blank face…silenced by reality
While slowly being forgotten.
Unable to be recovered
Written by BlkLyrycE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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