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She stops dancing as her throat screams for water. She needed a night out to forget everything. To be free with no responsibilities but to have fun.  Her feet were killing her.  She wasn't used to wearing six inch heels.  Her legs felt like the were going to collapse.  She hadn't stopped dancing since she arrived four hours ago.  The flashing lights on the dance floor, the beat of the music, and the little too much alcohol was making her dizzy.  She just wanted to sit down, kick off her shoes, and drink some water.
While walking to the table, she noticed him.  She'd noticed him staring at her all night while she was on the dance floor.
He was gorgeous.  He wasn't very tall, only standing about 5'7, but he was built!  His shirt hugged his athletic body perfectly and his jeans embraced his legs delicately.  His mesmerizing green eyes pierced her soul making her blush as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.  His short black hair added the perfect touch to this live painting.  He held himself confidently as he approached her.  Unable to move from his entrancing gaze...she awaits his approach.  
As he advanced toward her, he noticed her slightly curly auburn hair that compliments her amber eyes.  Splashes of grey ink swirl and intertwine - making her eyes more enticing.  Her plush, tinted, pink lips craving to melt into his.  Slightly open, he imagines soft moans escaping, begging for him to continue.
Her eye lids half open as she stares at the exquisite silhouette.  The moon casting through the window - illuminating his solid body, teasing her eyes.  Muscles rip through his body, leaving lines that trace the perfect figure.  His tantalizing "V" disappearing into his jeans that hung loosely on his hips.  His white unbuttoned shirt swaying as his stride covers the distance between them.  
She wets her lips.  Biting the lower one, holding back the urge to touch him.
Obsessive thoughts consuming her.  Since the night started and she noticed him watching her, all she craves is his dominance.  To feel him hold her down and take her.  To fill her and stretch her.  He clouds her judgment.  Seeping through her veins, her body, through her mind.  He plagues her with sublime fantasies that yearn to be turned into reality.  
He leans down and kisses her.  Electricity burns through her body.  She arches her back and begs him to consume her like a burning flame.  
Electric pleasure of his lust ignite majestic emotions of adulterated passion.
He runs his hands down her body.  His fingers licking boldly at her senses.  Down her back, her ass, her thighs.  He grabs her legs, picks her up, and rests them on his hips - her skirt rising to her stomach.  As he carries her off the remaining dance floor, their kiss intensifies.  Want and need building inside them.  He has never felt this dangerously stimulated.  He slams her against the wall.  Their bodies moving to the beat of the music.  Her moans race through his body.  
Undoing his pants, he grabs his cock and places it at her opening.  She scratches his back and faint lines of blood appear.  She looks into his deep green eyes - challenging his next move.  He grabs her shoulders and thrusts him self inside her.  Her screams of ecstasy muted to everyone from the loud music.
She bites his neck as he continues to fuck her.  Kissing him, sucking on his tongue, biting his  lip until she hears him moan in pain.  
Sweat soaking their bodies, the smell of sex filling their senses, the tingling in her body letting her know a climax is not too far away.  She increases the speed of their joining bodies - wanting nothing more than a pure release....a pure lustful release.  Her ears begin to ring, her body tenses, and she begins to dance on his cock.
She cries out.  Her intoxicating scream crashes with the rhythm of music.  His body moaning to let his ecstasy escape.  Faster he moves.  Her hands roaming his body.  Finding his release, he slams into her - surrendering to her - his self control.
She continues to rock on him.  Letting the temporary intoxicating poison drip from her folds and down his shaft.  Whimpering that the moment is gone.  She slides down his body onto her knees.  She grabs his cock and slowly sucks the elixir from his heated body.
Written by GravityTrip
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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