Who is this man so many speak about. So many pray about. The one that people get down on their hand and knees and give their life to.

They say he is the messiah.

The one that decided whether or not we are worthy of being accepted into his kingdom of angels.

As a child I looked to my mom and I said
"Mama, who is God? Why should I pray to him?"

My mother looked down at me and she cupped my little cheek and said
"baby,God is everything. God is the air we breath, the rain that falls from the skies,
the sun that arises before you open your little brown eyes"

She than got down on her knees to look me in the eye and said

" you should pray to God because without God we can not prosper. We can not grow.God has plans for you baby girl,and even when you feel like giving up it is God that will give you the strength to keep walking"

You see, God is the man that let his son die so this world shall live.

He is the one I put my hands together and closed my eyes to give thanks to for allowing my body to breath this morning

He is the one that I will willingly give my life to.

He is the man that puts that swagger in my step because I know that ain't nobody got me like God got me.

God is the unshakable all forgiving force in our life

Because when we doubt God, when we curse God, when we choose the path that goes against God.

God is still God and God will always be waiting for you to come back with arms wide open.

So let me ask again.


Who's is this man that they speak about.

That they pray about

the one people get down on their hand and knees and give their life to?

God? Well that's simple.

God is my ultimate savior and I shall alway praise his name.

Written by Cameraandapen
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