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The t.v screen gleemed off the keyboard,  
I couldn't sleep i was up dreaming up    
In freeroam until i was interrupted by my phone ringing i picked it up smiling because the chick on the otherline just escaped my thought region, She said hey are you off today? I need help with history my collage teacher trippin and these notes just dont make sence to me, her voice sounded swisher sweet the kind that you split and lick to see if it get you high in my mind i replied ill help you get a D, i said i gotchu mah, she said okay im on my way ill let you know when im outside, 15 minuets had flown by, now im opening my door and find a dark skinded brunnet with curves like two S on top of each other facing opposite,  I gave her a hug and turned on the light she walked up the steps i watched her hips sway from right to left im at a lost for breathe im not out of shape but her shape brings it out of me mixed with her scent voice mannerisms and body speach,    
We laughed and joke for a minute or 2 i took her book and did her work just so we could get through, i said if you not ready to go we could chill i put on a a film she said she with it so cool, 10 minuts into the movie i have a mood switch we laying with her back in my chest the diffent colors of light reflecting off of her skin started to fool with my brain plus the arch in her back was adding its 2 scence i moved my hand along her legg she pushed her butt into my zipper as if to say do you like it this way she looked back i bit my lip and gave her the scorpion gaze then leaned in and put my toung in her face im reaching inside her panties tryna find her sweet spot i pushed her in my lap to sit on my heat rock my other hand landed up her shirt grasping her nipples im feeling the heat rise my fingers swimming as i nibble on her neck i slid from under her yanked her pants off and tugged on her drawls i undid my belt buckle and stood up my belt hit the floor and her eyes went more wider than skys get, i looked at her laying in my bed wearing only a purple shirt i locked my door sliped on a condom from out of my wallet turned to her swollen from the weist down  my dick pulsed with its vein resembling a midgets arm lifting a weight i stared in her eyes while i tried to get on top she got up then pushed me on the bed grabbed my rock and gave me head her round pupils dialated her face expanded going up and down while messaging my balls with her free hand after 5 minutes she stoped and hoped on my lap and said the only way your on top is if you hop in the back she grabbed my dick and stuffed it inside her cat water fell like a river mouth flowed on a raft as soon as my head entered she leaned fowared then the lower half of her body moved like the signal on a pace maker. My hearts racing im sweating taking off my shirt and pulling hers off i started sucking on her nipples and more water started drippen my instincts kicked in i grabed her weist and pushed in  it harder and farther more water fell it sounded like a giant set of hands got cought in a storm and started aplauding she started moaning i beat that pussy like symba father did, she stoped moving up and down her kneesed clinched my side she said i cant i held her up with my hands and fucked her harder the wetness started making my dick stiffer than normal i pushed her off then bent her over grabbing my dick and sticking it in my abbs slapped against her ass again and again she grabbed the sheets sqeezing them screaming deeper im pushing in harder she said your in my ribs, im sliding in and out of her she arched her back her cheak pressed on my matris her other cheaks in the air and i grabbed moving them around while i pound. Knocking against her croch the sound got faster she begged for me to stopp but it was too late my body was on auto piliot ruff fucking her made my dick grow wider while its inside her ripping right through the condom and  i didn't pull out i just keep fucking her and fucking her untill her pussy turned white like a ghost cuz i bust in her. I layed hugged up with her and fell asleep,    
She went home in the morning but i know when its homework time she'll come back to me.
Written by G3r0 (TetsuUmi)
Published | Edited 27th Aug 2015
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