Don't make me call you BITCH...

Don't make me...No no no please

No baby please don't do it
you know I'm already on edge
n' shit
Oh god no, please sweet baby
leave my hungry cock be
it'll only go berserk if set free...

Don't make me
call you that fuckin' name
I mean, damn you know takin'
this thick dick, wrappin' your lips
around it, shovin' it in n' suckin'
it deeply for it's seed you'd drain

oh fuck baby, those big tits, embracin' it, as you keep sippin'
on it, splittin' on my stick will
assuredly drive me insane...

Mmmmm...please oh my lil cum
whore, you gonna make me want
it even more n' more...
so, keep that phat ass away,
you damn tease forcin' my urges
as I watch it sway...Sshhiitt...

I can't keep holdin' back
gettin' steeled n' I can't ignore
quietin' this fire is too much
of a chore

So please don't force the  'joy monster' loose... Baby please...

No baby, don't dare do it!
that hot,  tight, wet, treat
is so hard to resist

I must insist
stop pushin' that hot pussy in my face to kiss...

Stop it! stop it,
I can't restrain this...!!

Ooohhh shit...
Ooh my lord, this achin' cock,
awash in ur pussy slop...

Ggggoooodddaaaammmmnnnn how you make my body rock...
Ooohhh fffuuuccckkk yea baabbaby
You hot ass sexy, irresistible,
delicious fuckin' Bitch!!! Lol
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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