More than the stars

Last night, when I lay dreaming. All I saw was you,
you were there beside me, and I there beside you.
 For a moment, nothing else mattered.
Just as long as you were here.
to fill the hole inside my heart and to dry my last tear.

In my dream, we said nothing silence had never been so loud.
 I tried to find the right words to speak,
 but the words just wouldn't come out.
 How could I tell you to love me.
 Love me, like I love you.
When in reality, your heart belonged to someone else..
 and you couldn't love me, even if you wanted to.

 I cannot compete with the sun always hotter, always brighter.
When I'm just a tiny star that blends in with everything, not like her..
but this star has fallen down and there is no one there to make a wish.
 This star has fallen for one person,
who's eyes were on the sun, so he missed.

He missed the one time it ever shined,
the one time it ever took a chance.
 This star had hoped that you would see but you didn't..
 not even a little glance
 and as the tiny star fell,
 it threw everything away.
 It's heart had been torn to pieces
as the night turned day.

 He didn't even realize what he'd done,
 because to him, she was just another star in the sky
 and when he'd close his eyes to make a wish,
 she was the last star he saw that night.

and laying here beside you.
 A million miles away,
I hold back the tears so you won't see.
See, that I am not okay.
 I'm only me, I'll always be me.
Always your best friend
 and sometimes, I want to cry...
cause I can no longer play pretend ..

and I know I'm far from perfect,
 and lost inside my mind.
But when you cut, you cut deep,
into this broken heart of mine,
 and I gave my heart away
 But it's something I'll never get back
and I'll never get a chance with you.
now, I know that.

and I can no longer see...
this star has lost it's shine.
You've got me down on my knee's in defeat
but why does loving you feel like a crime..

 and as I wake from dreaming.
You slowly disappear,
you are no longer with me and I'm alone,
 my biggest fear.
I put my heart and soul into something.. I knew couldn't be.
I mean, why would a guy like you,
 want to be with a girl like me?

 I close my eye's, and I hold my breath
and look out into the sky.
Make a wish, on the tiniest star and watch it as it shines...
 but you will always mean the world to me.
Your forever in my heart...
 and I will be there for you no matter what... to mend your broken heart. Always know, I want you to be happy.
 but time won't heal these scars.
 because I love you more than you'll ever know.

 Even more than the stars.

Sunday 22  August 2010
The day i gave you my heart
ii love youu Nik~forever <3
Written by ALLforJADE22 (sad.beautiful.tragic)
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