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of thunder and lightning

Queen Hela, why do you call to me from the depths of your abyss?  
were you expecting the god born as Thor to come walking through her door?    
Thor has ascended to Valhalla and I now possess his power and mjolnir    
a once mere mortal man deemed worthy has now come to pleasure thee    
although your icy touch be fatal to all Asgardians    
you have no power to claim the soul of a mortal man    
so instead I come to smite Death's immortal virginity    
for all who came before met with a warriors straw death  
the moment they felt the cold of your naked burning flesh    
yet standing there in an open robe you take away my breath  
hella sexy Hela, instead of frosty cold, is god dammed hella hot!  
so let me strip away the heavy cloak of loneliness    
concealing your royal chalice of sensual sweet nectar    
where shall I begin, just dive right in to your dark majestic muff  
or succumb to nutter butter deeply within your marshmallow fluff?  
where passions are as tangible as electrons of superficial substance  
within your womb our virtual voltage achieves equal sexual potential      
as the arcing sparks that tingle from deep inside my phallic flesh    
as mjolnir rises up to display it's rock hard hammer head    
with a swift and mighty thrust I will pop your cherry red    
allow me to be the surging current that electrifies your thighs    
together we will merge our souls to create the first spawn of Niflheim    
opening your hallowed halls to my pounding hammer blows    
your howling calls rain on my face like a fountain from beneath    
swirling in circles around the eye to become a raging hurricane  
deceptively you display a calm at the center of your storm  
from within I bend your will to resist my fill of silver surfing seeds    
that ride the waves of pleasure flowing through the golden realm    
is this love or just a spell you've spun to fool my foolish heart?  
let this not be the end of the dance between lovers gazing up at stars  
fromunda Earthly heavens does rise a glistening rainbow bridge    
where I can be your god of thunder if you will be my lightning strike
Written by Poetryman
Published | Edited 26th Apr 2016
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