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the last of love

She sits cross legged at her desk
Attempting to do paperwork,
flipping through each page
Her mind gets distracted by her phone
She wonders what he is possibly doing
Does she wait, time passes,
Puts things away, worst distractions,
leaving work, rushes to see him

Walking up to the door, hesitates
No where in sight, goes up the stairs into her room
Her submissiveness
Taking off her suit jacket, blouse, bra
Reaching behind unzips her skirt
Dropping it to the floor, panties follow
Stepping out of her clothes
She goes and takes a quick shower
Washing her entire fair skinned body

As she stands there, shivering
She looks into the mirror
Slightly turned
Seeing the reasons for her constant return
Looking at herself she shyly grins
Grabs her towel, wraps her naked body

She hears the door
He is home, will he take her
To play with her, beat her, restrain her
She lets him do his thing
She is pacing, impatient

He walks into the room
She keeps her eyes focused on his feet
Kneeling, submitting to him
He grabs the nape of her neck
Handful of her hair, yanking back
Arching her back, with her chest out
He flicked each tit making them hard
"Do not look at me" he growls
Her eyes tightly squeeze shut
Obeying him " Wrists out"
slowly bringing them up

He let's go, she doesn't move
He roughly puts on the cuffs
Grabbing hair yanking her onto her feet
He takes her wrists one by one
Attaching them to the cross beam
Stretching her,
He takes his belt off, snapping it
She grins to the sound of it
He swings, hitting her multiple times
She screams, clenching her teeth

Between each hit she mumbles
"Oh Yes Sir, thank you Sir"

"I want to hear you scream you fucking cunt"
Swings again many many more times
Welts forming,
The harder he hits her the harder he gets
With his wicked grin
He walks around her
Serpentine collar in hand
Locks it onto her
She is loving his attention

He yanks on her collar
He takes her down moving her
Forcing her to kneel
He takes his belt
She takes in his every beating
His frustrations beaten into her

Bloodied welts, the screams
Her crying, pleading for more
She looks at him, her eyes
"Oh please sir, please"
Tears running down her face

Her beatings, her humiliation
He takes his cock and shoves it into her ass
Fucking her hard
Hearing the chains rattling
With every thrust into her

She moans, he smacks her ass
For making any sound
Bruises have formed
He fucks her till he finishes
Spurting his hot load all over her ass

He beats her till she has nothing left
But her mind drifting
He beats her within an inch of her life
The way he makes her feel
she knows love is a murderous thing
and this is the last of it.
Written by Mastersgdgurl
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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