Sucking Up To God

Your sunburned nose
It's growing an even stranger
Shade of brown

The crucifix you shoulder
Says you're going up
And the word on the street is
You are going down

The rhetoric you spewed
It fell on my plugged ears
With a deafening sound

Soon, it will be too late
To escape your fate
As the town pariah

Gone ballistic is the masochistic
Messiah with motives far from altruistic
The one who had supposedly come
To save us all from ourselves

Stooping lower than any Devil
Or spice merchant worth his salts
In my eyes, but according to yours
Everyone else has more faults

In a toyroom of porcelain dolls
Compared to you, we fared
No better than Satan's elves

This childish behavior we'd expect
From within the corporate world of
Kiss ass enterprise

Courting favor, adding spice for flavor
Resume padding only takes
A few harmless lies

Selling out your sisters and brothers
Telling gays and unwed mothers
A few harmless lies

Go ahead, nod and tilt your head
Throw out your hands at arm's length
Agree to disagree
But what you did to them
You now recieve tenfold from me

You're just another carpenter
With a sawdust jaw who ran his mouth
And overlooked the fatal flaw
Having built a lordly mansion so opaque
It was transparent as glass

Pardon me while I remove these nails
From those self inflicted wounds

Please, try not to fall flat on your ass

Never were you here to save anyone's soul
Other than your own
Using our backs as a footstep
Carving your way up the totem pole

How in the world did you ever manage
Hammering in the final spike
With only one hand?
I find it curiously odd

Tell me what what is was like
During your Christian Jihad

What was it like
Sucking up to God?
Written by Anarchitect
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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