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It all changed one night when I called you from Kurtains Farm where I was staying overnight. I had had a long day driving and seeing clients and apart from the bar there was nothing to do but stare at empty walls. I called you when I knew you would be in bed and expect no other calls. Your voice was soft and warm. I asked if could talk openly to you about anything and everything.
“Of course you said”
“I do not want you to be embarrassed by anything I say and I want you to be completely honest and open with me”
“No problem”
We then talked and talked and talked thoroughly enjoying hearing each other’s voice. That night we called each other many times late into the early morning. You knew what I was doing and I knew what you were doing but we did not need to let on.
“I really like you”
And I really like you”
“I trust you”
“And I trust you”
“Just imagine for a moment how you would feel if I replaced the words like and trust with a more accurate word”
“What is that?”
I whispered “Love”
“Think about that”
“Could you do the same for me?”
“Yes” you whispered.
“Do you know what I am doing right now as I talk to you?”
“Do you want me to guess?”
“Are you doing what I think you are doing as you talk to me?”
“I might be”
I could have talked to all night trying to tell you what you were doing to me, my head was spinning, I had fallen head over heels for you and I could not wait to get back to see you.
The next day was a blur I really paint no attention to the clients woes my head was full of images of last night. I was thinking about what you were doing as I was talking to you and how powerful you made me feel.
I called you from Birmingham to say I was on my way back and I was going to come straight to see you. I was so excited and aroused I had a stomping great big erection that made driving really uncomfortable. I kept calling you to give progress reports but really because I wanted to hear your voice. My stomach was full of butterflies and I felt full of anticipation. I just wanted to see you, to hear you to smell you to touch you to be alone with you to say the millions of things running through my head.
I knew that you were waiting for me and I wondered what you would be wearing and how you would prepare for me. Had you gone to the gym to do your aerobics class so that you would be flushed and vibrant or had you just taken a long hot soak in a bubble bath so that your skin would be soft and fragrant.
I ran through in my mind what I hoped you would be wearing from head to toe it was black of course. My mind was racing
By the time I arrived all was quiet, the fire was on and the TV was on low. The atmosphere was electrifying and we both looked flustered.
“Did you mean what you said last night?”
“Did you”
“Yes I did”
“Me too”
Our double meaning conversations were over. You were dressed beautifully and your perfume was just right. We had skirted around suggestive conversations all last night or so it seemed. I felt safe with you and you felt safe with me. We were both painfully aware of our unhappy marriages but that didn’t matter right now.
It was as if we were coming together for the very first time. We both felt daring and free, sure the problems and baggage of our past was still there, but in this moment it really didn’t matter.
Just as one cannot judge a book by the cover so too can you not judge people by their appearance? Looks can absolutely be deceiving. I had in my head this image of this perfect woman that was the envy of all around her and yet, somehow, only I could perceive her unhappiness.
It was even more curious to see how people actually were angry at her unhappiness because she seemed to have everything and how could a person like that be unhappy.
However, happiness is so relative and above all subjective.
We tend to want to decide for others what they should be happy about.
Happiness is a state of mind and it takes more than great looks or economic tranquillity or even good health.
Happiness is accompanied by all the opposing emotions which must be in perfect balance and finding that balance is truly a complex journey.
I sat opposite you glancing at your knees which seemed locked together or were they. I noticed every time you moved how your knee seems to relax and every now and then I momentarily caught a glimpse of you inner thigh as you changed position. You caught me looking and then leaned back raised you foot a little and gave me a full glimpse of your panties before adjusting yourself and closing your knees.
I felt incredibly aroused as I talked to you and my erection was so uncomfortable I had to move.
“Is it Ok if I come over and sit next to you?”
“No not at all”
I moved over to you with a powerful erection in my pants which I know you were aware of because I had spotted you earlier eyeing it mischievously whilst I was looking up your skirt.  
“Would you mind if I kissed you”
“No I wouldn’t”  
You said with an air of confidence and softness. You had just made your move with grace and elegance from here on in there was no turning back

This was your time to take a lead of faith. In front of you was a man who you felt special things about, he excited and aroused you and you knew that you really turned him on.
The reigns holding you back you had removed and you felt so good at feeling a woman who was desired and appreciated.
Your heart was beating you felt alive excited and sensuously moist. This was your moment to take that confident leap as a woman fearlessly refusing to contemplate rejection.
This was the man the one for me my man the man I had been waiting for all my life.
The power of want was overwhelming it was the moment it was the time to say yes yes yes yes yes I’m going to take that leap of faith into the unknown, I have a myriad of doubts but at this moment they are so unimportant I want to taste this man I want this man I need this man to hold me to take me in his arms and hold me tightly.
I want to smell him and run my fingers through his hair, I want him to touch my face and stroke my neck. I want him to run his hands over my body and touch me softly.
I need him to passionately kiss me and slowly reach for my breasts which are tingling for his touch. I want to feel his body close to mine and run my fingers over his bare chest.
I want to undo his shirt and shower kisses all over his chest. I want to suck on his nipples until he begs me to stop. I want to reach down and hold his hard cock in my hands. I want to feel him throbbing and pulsating just for me.
I want him to expose my breasts and gaze on them admiringly before kissing my breasts and sucking me because this is my man and I want to satisfy his every need.
I want him to reach under my skirt and be pleased that I am wearing black panties just for him because I know he likes black.
I want him to feel the wetness of my panties and then pull them aside to feel the downy hair of my cunt. I want him to slide a finger into my hot soaking hole and then another finger and then three fingers because I am so excited.
I want him to kiss me whilst finger fucking me into one orgasm after another.
I want him to cum in hands and to totally release himself to me.
Now this is my time.
Written by firemonkey
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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