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A Child’s Song

- A Child’s Song -

A Song about Innocence

Playing on the porch, not a care in the world,
A child knows so little of the pains we endure.
Yet their hearts are open, and they understand!
It’s sad those years don’t last; they run like sand.
Sand in the glass, and time flying by too quick…
I want to slow it down, and make the sand stick.
I’ve lost too much, and I’ve cried far too long,
Yet once I was a child, and I sang a child’s song.

Rainbows and day glows, and nursery tales,
Fighting with pirates on a ship that always sails.
These are the times that we don’t want to lose,
Because once they are gone, we cannot choose.

Dancing in the grass, seeing castles in the clouds,
A child doesn’t care about all the bustling crowds.
Yet their minds are open, and they learn in time…
It’s sad we can’t keep them innocent with a rhyme.
Rhymes in the wind, and the wind blowing fierce…
I wish the wind could take us back to simpler years.
I’ve become so lost, as the wind blew me along,
But within my heart, I’m still singing a child’s song.

Rainbows and cartoon shows; places to see,
Exploring the world, and sharing good company.
These are the times that we don’t want to pass,
Because they are precious, we want them to last.

Wishing on a star, seeing all the universe above,
A child flies there with a spirit as pure as a dove.
Yet their imagination is open, and they fill it all up!
It’s sad if we forget tasting our first ice cream cup.
Memories fade so fast, and new memories arise…
I want to hold on to them all; savor each surprise.
I’ve learned so much; I know right from wrong,
Though I can still go back and sing a child’s song.

Rainbows and hair bows, and rock and roll,
Hanging out ‘till midnight, dancing out of control.
These are the times that we don’t want to end,
Because hearts break so easy: so hard to mend.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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