Why jealousy's overrated...

I've been having this thought o'er and o'er...

Let me see if I can give it its due here

Tis a difficult thing betimes; these thoughts, they wrangle about inside my mind struggling to birth, to emerge full-formed out here...


This is important. And, those are the most relentlessly challenging. (Quit stalling and explaining; just do it - heh, little pep talk here)

Fine: here goes.

We spend a great deal of time, it appears to me, comparing ourselves to one another. Weighing our skills and talents and looks and everything else against everyone else when all that is, well, an utterly confused way of going about things.

We are all human and each of us unique; each of us bring differences to the mélange. Tis truly a wonderful thing!

No two of us think exactly the same. Think of the possibilities inherent in that! How absolutely marvelous this is!

Tis why plagiarism is so foolish. Everyone's gifts are needed; everyone's gifts are valuable. Each one of us brings something and here's the best part of it all.

What you bring enhances everyone and so does what I bring; no one is diminished by another's success. We all benefit; we all share in some measure when we celebrate for that energy simply expands to engulf us all making us all better and more than we were before.

You create a masterpiece here; I read it. I am forever changed; I've grown. You've enhanced me; I create and share that same energy. This occurs over and over and over again.

Let's become global with this, luv.
This is why I think all of this competitiveness is a bit silly, quite frankly, though I am human and prone to it too. But then, I remember to celebrate you. When I remember to celebrate you, I'm okay. It's good. We're good. That's me loving you human to human, which to my mind, is as it should be.

Now, globally. Why cannot we celebrate each nation's achievements and share together? Because we're caught up in this fear and hatred and jealousy conundrum...Meh.

Let's change it. Won't be easy. I'm not THAT naive. But, worth it? Oh, yes!

I'll just keep working on myself, remembering to celebrate and grow and learn. Loving each one of you for who you are and exploring what you choose to share.

I think therein lies the key: in individual growth; we each love and rejoice in ourselves and others enough to celebrate everyone's accomplishments, successes, triumphs...

I'm not diminished by your fabulousness, oh no! I'm blessed by it! Thank you, oh, thank you! I'll try to give you some measure of what you've gifted me... :-* :-*  :-*
Written by Savaja
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