When I was a boy my father had said to me,
A man can land on the moon, wow my dreams in tune, with a 1969 Apollo 11 space shuttle, now man is obviously Greater than the womb.
Mankind, as kind as I can be,
Just look at all the women, that are as great as my ego made me, no offence there barely a few, your only here to breed, I am the power of the world,
Majestic 12 invented greed.
We work in our daily NLP plots, hybrid super humans & sleeper cell reactors, ritual hidden triggered agenda, business boom that call the shots, masculinity roared up! Sensitivity rare! Just pick the dam gun up, you got no time to spare!
Black Gold is the engine, to bring a wealthy blessed life; Iím over fed with the latest mansion, as special metals build my steel franchise might,
So why did BP pay the price,
Spilling 60 million Guesstimate tons of pollution,
Seems so strange with no advice?
Is it an accident or a conspiracy, and take this long to block a well?
When thereís a hi-tech advanced Area 51, with the C.I.A, M.O.D, F.B.I and Al DARPA electronic robotics, fearless killer petman military Reaper, Damage tolerant control drones. †
The 300 committee fastening project paperclips, so the Red dress desire of temptations can roll out devils stage, becoming your Sex, Fame, Money addictions? My only drilled in reality illusion tamed, Non spiritual inner being, as only outward thinking is trained.
Its Man that been in the spotlight, to prove his brutal thrill, so many billions have died unheard of, World War 3 raping our earth to blow! While Codex Atlanticus inspired futuristic disc machines, team up with B52 Bombers, altitude skyís bay,
Dirty nukes rip up monuments prides stage, its mission target kill, implant mark of the beast in cattle, as Zion clear in his weak nature of righteousness, only a Dark dwelling HAARP frequency, influence & control, engineer humans left side brain.
With the cycle thatís nearly over, mother nature been sleeping until now, the natural disasters that are occurring, shows itís time to be awaken for the better of the planet or be ego drowned,
As am I being unfair, as you take my resources every day, whatever happen to the Gentleman, counting his blessings along the way.
Manevil, you must realise thereís a balance that always at bay, as the father gives mother light, so you guys can go out and play in the sunshine and rain,
The feminine is the beauty, that exceeds my body and ground,
So Man and Woman are equal, the only balance to keep having humans around,
Like the Alpha and Omega, the perfect manuscript to this show,
As its time for Man to realise,
Walk with balance, or walk alone.
Written by 7hEAVEN
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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