2216 nebula,star on the left

Hey Pop,  

    I remember what you always said ol man.  
Just try to find some thing to make yourself happy.  
If you can't find something to make yourself happy,  
just try to find something to give yourself hope,  
if you can't find some thing to give yourself hope,  
just try to find yourself something to do.  
So even though it doesn't seem as gratifying as it once was,  
I'm still writing it all down,  
like you used to.  
  I been feeling like a real big pussy lately pops,  
that big bad unforgiving world out there almost getting the best of your boy. Exoskeleton wearing thin.  
Pregnant,twenty something,black chick outside the library today.  
Chain smoking all the lil butts she can find on the ground.  
Guess the universe ain't carrying no water for her either,  
and I know you already knew, but horrible decisions are seeming a lot more common the older i get. A lot of shit been making more sense lately that I wish I was still wondering about.  
  and I got that negative vibe osmosis thing goin on too,  
like "the invisible hole in the shoe theory"  
Boots laced up real tight,not even a dent in the tread,  
but somehow walking down the road some fucking monster of a pebble ends up taking refuge in my arch.  
Not saying I'm smarter than anybody else,  
but i fucking am,  
when I see somebody pullin that  
 "i'm gonna act like i'm workin on my car under the bridge while i wait for the dopeman trick"  
and no matter how bad it gets I'm never gonna shave because i'm hungry and out of work. Not gonna let em get me.  
Gonna put this whole galaxy in the rear view and come get with you one of these days.  
Gotten bored being miserable lately man. Haven't gotten the chance to scream "hey dad what do you think about your son now?"  
in a while.  
Liked it a lot better back in the day,  
when before you got sick you would sing and blow smoke through your harmonica while playin.  
I always thought that was awesome ol man.  
 I'd leave louisiana,  
where kurt cobain and jax teller are the same person  
and friends of mine cuz they remind me of you.  
I'd take my chances with the the law in N.Y., say fuck them warrants if you were still alive up there.  
Fucking hate being sober man,  
and wouldn't you know it this prick sittin next to me in the computer lab just asked me if i knew jesus.  
I said not personally and he has the audacity to tell me he's my savior.  
Keep your eyes on your own fucking paper douchebag...  
I'm gonna hit you up again soon pops. I gotta make a move.  
Love ya,later ol man....
Written by johnrot
Published | Edited 12th May 2015
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