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10 More than Negativity - (Dedicated to a request by PoetSpeak)

Fuck Faith!
I want proof
I want evidence
Even if its not there
I will not submit to
Blindly believing
Sheepishly following
Anything I can't see
Fuck that!

Fuck Hope!
Whatís the point
Where there is none
Unless youíre a fuckin idiot
Hope is a fairy tale
We give to children
To avoid telling them
The harsh truth of Mans
Evil and destruction
Fuck that

Fuck Temperance
Temperance is for the weak minded
Self control is something
We are told to do
By others who donít exhibit it
I wanna eat and drink
Myself into oblivion
I wanna smoke everything
Take everything
Temperance is just grayness
Fuck that

Fuck Charity
Charity begins with self
Fuck everyone else
Anyone requiring charity
Is just a lazy non-hacker
I only have enough for me
Itís not my fault
That they are fucked
Wonít shed a tear
Or give a penny
Fuck that

Fuck Chastity
Abstention is a mind fuck
We are sexual beings
We rut like animals
Because we are animals
We were born to fuck
Destined to fuck
What am I gonna do?
Tie it in a fuckin knot?
Fuck that

Fuck Diligence
Thereís absolutely
Nothing wrong
With lying about
Drinking beer, smokin weed
Eating Cheetos, watchin TV
Whilst the world goes
To hell in a handcart
I suppose I could get off my ass
And do something, but
Fuck that

Fuck Patience
Fuck it right now
No time to fuck about
I want my cake
And eat it now
No waiting on a promise
No waiting for tomorrow
Want it now
Have it now
Take it now
Wait for you
Fuck that

Fuck Kindness
Cruelty is more fun
Being kind is for
The meek and fearful
They will inherit dirt
Anyway I have never
Met anyone deserving
Kindness of any sort
But I have met plenty
Deserving my cruelty
Should I be nice to them?
Fuck that

Fuck Humility
I am fuckin fantastic
My ego knows no bounds
I am the king of my castle
I am the captain of this ship
Anything else is weakness
I never bow or curtsey
My knee does not bend
I am a superior being
In thought and dead
You are all worthless
And I hate you all
Will I change who I am
Fuck that

Fuck Humanity
An ocean of filth
An animalistic circle jerk
A bucket of shite
Sad wee people
With sad wee lives
Nobody worthy
A slime covering parasite
Spoiling a beautiful planet
In need of extinction
My only source of contentment
Is the thought of its demise
Maybe I should try
Fuck that
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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