tell me a story

I wonder how youíll tell the story
of how you met

Itíll be romantic
"you met across a crowded bar
and it was love at first sightÖ"

only youíre retelling the wrong story

She picked you up off the curb
outside the pub as you drunk cried
into the gutter a week after
your ex left you to move back
in with her parents

Not that I can talk
I once picked up a guy
who was contemplating suicide
and I canít be sure
but there is a good chance
that fuck saved his life

Itís been a year since your new girlfriend
fucked her way into your heart
and if we have to be honest
Iím kind of jealous that someone
can love you when youíre broken
(no one loves me when Iím broken)

Iíve become a little too used to being discarded
a little too used to being abused
loving people with sugar-snap promises
that dissolve the morning after

I want romantic stories to tell
and you might be in the wrong one
but at least youíve got one sewn into
the hem of your clothes
thereís nothing romantic about the list
of tragedies scratched into my wall

I could tell you
but youíd run out of sympathy
before you ran out of booze
and there isnít enough drink in the world
to erase all my bad decisions

My history is fractured with bruises
and screams and words Iíll never learn to trust

I donít know how to love
I donít know how to be loved
and if I died tomorrow I could honestly say
Iíve never been touched by a hand that loved me

So tell me your story in lies
of romance and redemption and starting again
and Iíll fuck myself to sleep with your words
just so I donít have to feel so alone

© Indie Adams 2015
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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