[ Politics & Religion ] A Medley Of Deadly Consequences

Liquid gold coveted      
under burning sand            
Imperialism and Christianity            
Journeying hand in hand        
bound together in pure hypocrisy      
Y E A H !    
Thinning veil between Church and State            
Perpetuate democracy --- subjugate            
And on and on goes the debate while            
God hates these fucking wars            
Kill or be killed    
seasonal pastime            
Peace through violence            
works every single time        
Unpoetic rhymes of the insecure mind            
Y E A H !    
Dissected map for a new enemy to find            
Oil pipes to cap over which to salivate            
And on and on goes the debate while            
God hates these fucking wars            
Nevermind those commandments            
you profess to adore        
Thou Shalt Not Kill            
What else is this for?            
This isn't how security is sought            
Still Osama isn't caught            
The path to Peace            
this most definately is            
Panic button pushed            
firing up the war machine            
Air raid sirens, hysteria---          
what politicians never really mean            
Through smoke and mirrors    
your capitalized fears Is    
The War Against Terrorism    
that remains to be seen          
Grand was the experiment in arrogance            
Incompetence at the helm of national defense            
Budget cuts, under orders, neglect of the borders            
Missing boards, gaping holes in the security fence            
NOT long after enemy was allowed in          
came rapid one-hundred eighty spin            
Global shift in policy, rift in attitude            
Eyes on the prize --- kept on the crude            
T.W.A.T.  is NOT          
a valid excuse      
to invade         
a foreign country  
The shocking and aweful reality?               
Imperialists hijacked our military          
HOT on heels of Osama's so called accomplice            
Search and seizure of bombs          
Saddam's regime supposedly possessed            
while scapegoats rocking the boat, confessed            
to faulty data Stated when Union was Addressed            
You're NOT a Patriot          
Questioning war makes you a Pacifist            
inviting into our home the All Purpose Terrorist            
while emergence of violence          
from reciprocated insurgence          
is blamed on the boogeyman Islamic Fascist            
T.W.A.T. is NOT          
a valid excuse      
to occupy        
a foreign country          
The shocking and aweful reality?             
Imperialists hijacked our military          
This war was NOT        
what it was perpetuated to be          
Not in the least          
Bring back the men and women
serving in the Middle East    
sent to Iraq in premeditated attack            
as you evoke the name of God          
in an American Jihad---            
body count rises    
as you turn your back            
on families of ally, fellow countrymen            
on newfound friend, the Iraqi civilain            
now caught in the crossfire      
of hegemonistic desire            
your T.W.A.T. reeks of      
prolongued impossibility to win        
They're dropping by the hour      
in abuse of power;          
unsuspecting flies      
in a woven web of lies          
Suicide roaches      
camoflauged wasps  
aiming for our soldiers      
and allies under      
hate filled skies        
Written between the lies          
the shocking and aweful truth of it          
Just another excuse purely bullshit       
Furthest thing from legitimate          

Written by Anarchitect
Published | Edited 16th Jul 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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