[ Online Porn ] Adapt Or Die

Got it all figured out now---  
a way to game the system  
Pretend to be Anonymous  
steal a video from your store  

Upload it to a YouTube knockoff  
Receive legal notice to take it down  
Pay the Zero Dollar fine  
By then I've stolen fifty more  

I adapt---  
take from this content producer  
borrow from that sponsor's site  
In no time flat overnight  
built an online mega warehouse  
Giving away everything I jacked for free  
All above board legally  
That it may not be ethical  
Is not my concern  
Biology Room 101  
Lesson you need to learn  
I'm adapting  
while you all fall behind  
climbing the ladder of success  
So fucking what if  
your backs are the bottom rungs  
Don't take it personally  
It's just called Forward Progress  
Or better yet, catchphrase  
---Say it with me now---  
Adapt or Die  
I adapt  
While you die  
Man, so damn many valid reasons why  
Jet skis, in ground swimming pools  
vacation homes, half a dozen sports cars  
While you sit there crying over spilled milk  
like a bunch of broke ass loser fools  
I'm making bank, partying hard  
Ripping twenty minute video scenes  
Rating each Five Stars  
I'm adapting  
from your average porno pimp  
into an upright walking upload chimp  
Trash talking in the online forums  
Laying the smack down  
about how you can't touch me  
Bros like me rule this town  
Let me sum it up  
This industry?  
It's all about me  
Mine to run over roughshod
rampant as I please  
No longer dwelling in Mom's basement  
Got my own place now  
Living large in a palace  
Threatened with foreclosure, you cry foul  
about how I give away your merchandise freely  
as I auction high volume banner space  
boasting enlargement of the phallus  
from everywhere people flock  
like flies congregate on shit  
They don't even know the truth of it  
Stupid horny bastards  
In such a hurry to jerk themselves off  
millions of insignificant insects  
whipping out their tiny dicks  
while a percentage write electronic checks  
purchasing the latest cock supersizing fix  
Such a great deal, they keep coming back  
through every social bookmark and pin tack  
Can't seem to get their fill  
So what if I can't sell the sex I steal?  
Front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo  
Here is the real deal:
I'm crowned King of the Hill  
Illusion search engine bots can't see though  
my vast empire of porn  
Unscathed by your loathing  
Not phased by your scorn  
Sitting high in my ivory banana tree  
where you can never touch me  
Zero business experience  
Not a single college degree  
Just your average porno junkie pimp  
who chose to adapt  
evolving into an upright walking upload chimp  
Nothing complicated here  
So simple a monkey can do it  
I highly suggest you should give it a try  
Written by Anarchitect
Published | Edited Today
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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