[ Politics & Religion ] 144,000 - 1

One hundred
Forty-four thousand
Daughters and Sons
Ringing doorbells
Spreading the Word of God

Graced by the Lord to be the Chosen Ones
There's something about the math that doesn't add up
Recruiting on His behalf seems suspiciously odd
Pardon me if I don't care to drink from that cup
You're not the first messenger here that wasn't Heaven sent

Will I really be special if I join in your cult?
And if I don't, will your Master take it as an insult?

I'm not leaving this Earth behind before my life is spent

Not when the End Times come

Not for this glossed over kingdom of yours

This rowboat of Michael's without any oars


A hundred forty-four thousand minus one
I refuse to believe Jesus was God's only son
Your salespitch about the world going to Hell
I don't buy it
Why don't you find yourself another sucker to sell
Your rhetorical literature of an ill conceived Rapture
Selective quotations from the Book of Revelations
All your trumpetings of an end to warring nations
Scare tactics of forecasted Tribulations
Temptations of infinite Jubilations
Time for you to be on your way

You had your say
Why don't you do your God a favor
Stop pretending to be a savior
You're more of a disgrace

Do you really want me to say it to your face?

Be gone with you
If there's more of the Lord's work to do
No rest for the self annointed
Don't be disappointed
When you yourself aren't saved

You better do some more reading
About false prophets
And their misleading

That's how the road to Hell is paved
Written by Anarchitect
Published | Edited 18th May 2020
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