[ Politics & Religion ] Abort The Missionaries

For murdered children your heart bleeds
Revise Biblical histoey
to suit your own selfish needs
Distract attention from your own misdeeds
DISTORT the Truth
while you just ignore the Facts
your narrowed, dark tunnel vision lacks
God slays people every single day
And we brush it off as Nature's Way
Newborns in wombs liquidated
in gruesome deaths, annihilated
suposedly anticipated by the Omniscient
and still a soul from Heaven is sent?
Science declares awareness intelligence
So somehow conception equals consciousness
Obliterating it is an injustice
but miscarriage, you dance around this
What the hell? What's the difference?
Your argument doesn't make any sense
Spirit is what people miraculously create
unless they choose to masturbate?
Wait, hold up, it even get's better
You cite the Word right down to the letter
Yet nowhere in the Bible is it said
How many fetuses end up clinnically dead
Devoured, destined to be a parasite
without a physical brain in sight
Discovered years later, killing the host
living in the twin God loved the most?
You protect the child's right to live
with an argument not unlike a seive
Unqualified, not even a parent
Not to mention, you're so transparent
The motivation behind it all
Jesus making his house call
Afraid of being overlooked in the coming Rapture
which is what you are really after all along---
saving your own skin

Written by Anarchitect
Published | Edited 16th Jul 2020
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