Go Team Iron Dome

Would you like to be  
a part of something epic?
Come join the practice squad    
Go Team Iron Dome    
No one's ever cut    
due to high mortality rate      
You aren't required to speak;    
most welcome to play from home
WANTED: Gazans only need apply    
Gazans who are willing to die  
Oh, say can you see    
the rocket's red glare
in the starry night sky?    
Right over there    
crisscrossing the border    
mortar exchanged through the air    
Who fired the first shot?    
Matters not    
The responsible party?    
Any excuse for more shelling from each side;    
retaliation on this battlefield?    
The true nature of the power they wield:    
Operation Human Shield    
And there are innocent bystanders aplenty  
in this spectator sport    
Running up the body count -   
that's the strategy of the game    
It's all the same    
A single rocket guarantees retribution    
in the form of excessive force    
Excessive force guarantees retribution    
in the form of a single rocket    
Sock it to'em    
back and forth;    
no one ever wins    

Back and forth    
a single rocket    
punishes thousands of civilians    

Back and forth    
put into harms way    
every single day -   
the elderly    
whole families    
who never volunteered to play    
You cheered on Hamas    
Go Team Iron Dome!    
invited bloodshed
into your very home    
Don't come crying to us    
armchair quarterback hero    
when your limbs are blown away    

Just get on your bloody stumps    
and pray -   
pray that this doesn't go into Overtime    
and no one survives    
Score : Zero to Zero    
Israel versus Hamas    
Both playing games with human lives  
Written by Anarchitect
Published | Edited 30th Sep 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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