Rough Medley: Three for the Words of Love

Girl, I want you to love me now...
These words are my weapons to the beast.

You say it doesn’t matter,
But I know the crystal limbs of love shatter,
And never recollect when the muscles of man
Are worn and softened by the hands of death below.

I want you to love me now
In my slow sweat and stinky oozings,
Bent limbs and ragged cloths...
My hair is weird, I’m marked in dark paints...              
I have killed a different animal for tonight’s feast.

I have hunted without a blade,
And returned to my home in the trees.

Let these words be a castle,
And my open arms a throne for your ascension.


In their rings of age they are all painted by death,
Even in the blue breath of the warm summer sun...
All are monsters in the home of light, all but One.

Garbed in trances, a dress of sight,
Watching the waves dance and crashing soothe...
Her hands, they move... their motion clothing
A skin of light by the heart unfolding
Soft rays of feeling through warm doors revealing
Her den... a hollow in the tides.

Nothing's hidden and nothing's cold,
There is no outside, She is a universe...
Tender stems of dream reside in the keeps
Of Her tinsel reach.

And on the beach Her eyes still sparkle,
To Her touch all horror dries...
And gathering the shells and soft debris,
She hides a beast below the land
Left on the shore by Her mind,
The swift and clean, resilient sea.

We are brought together by the waves of Her hand,
And with a foamy feather She etches Her word...
The word... Love...
Its indent stretching and colours left gleaming
In the sun, warm and breaking from above.

“Hear the Earth” She whispers to us
Lying gently on the ground...

“Listen to your Birth... It’s all Around...”
She whispers to us,

As our ears kiss the songs of Her sands...


your rays most sweet,
amber and serene.
think i love you...
you’re so brave,
making all paths green.

words will never meet, and words no longer,
words defeat our breathing as one
in the warm silence.

scattering hordes of pestilence...
their stingers of anger will not paralyse...
we will be all there is to them, and remain...

your hair most golden,
smiles of angels’ wings
softly sliding down Orion’s shielding arm...

how in your face the pleasant winds unravel,
how under the circling summer-night birds,
do you hold me from the cliff
we dare to walk beyond from...

know i love you...
you’re so brave...
eyes in the fluffy moonside clouds...
your hands do not refuse
the distant spreadings and rough eruptions,
your heart does not retreat
from the lost bears roaming the dark night.

words will never reach you, horizons never fall,
sweet princess of the starlight temple.

Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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