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Play Date (co-written with Rose)

Traveling on these paved roads
My destination is the home of an angel
Canít wait to get to know this girl better
From the moment Iíve seen her I was infatuated
Watched as she shopped the local supermarket
I just so happen to be there at similar times, heheÖ
Flirting with her has been a frustrating build up
Mustering up the courage to finally ask her out
Now it's time for my payoff, with a fine wine and dine
and whatever else she might have in mind

My lameness complete as I stood practicing my
welcoming smiles, my vanity oozing through the
mirror, hair, face made up, my angst on what to
wear, racy oh my god lacy to sensible comfort,
And anyway its just dinner right?
Well, I'd put candles, scented, out near the bed
my thoughts on him, this moment, been salacious
for way too long not to think about more than dinner,
as I smoothed my black dress lines and checked my
cleavage abd waited his arrival.
Pulling into her driveway strikes me with anxiety
Taking some time to finger brush my teeth then fix my hair
All looks good in the rearview, now to straighten my suit
Canít forget the flowers and candy I got for her
Iím sure these will get me some brownie points
With my nervous knock on the door, she appears
Canít help but look away from her beauty as I hand her the gifts
She tells me to come in, and I do with my eyes fastened on her slim figure

I saw him pull up as I pretended not to, as if he could
see through walls, minty taste on my tongue not a cigarette
in sight though I'd kill for one maybe two right now, †dinner
Ready, †me a cook! go me indeed
ďknock, knock"
Oh god, †breathe damn it breathe
and smile, wide smile
and open the door
act surprised as if didn't know who was knocking
oh, he's looking good, †he scrubs up well indeed
defiantly smiling for real now, †a kiss on the cheek
his cologne intoxicating as I welcome him in as I
make small talk about silly things, giggling like a
child at Christmas but I needn't have worried he too
was overly giggly, feeling his eyes burn through
The back of my dress as I prepared the dinner on
the counter, then my heart was to the point of
overloading, my eyes they did water as I felt his hands
on my waistline, his warm breath on my neckline as
he kissed me there as a lover would.
The smell of the food is good
but there is a scent that strikes more
It comes from her luring neck
Should be a good boy, but girls like bad too right?
Iím sure she wouldnít mind a small kiss of passion
Who knows, maybe it will get me other places
Stepping In to see her body move as she chopped up the salad
Trying to clear the dirty thoughts from my mind
Donít want to come off too invasive after all
But nonetheless I take my hand around her waist
Her hair flowing to the side as to invite me in
With a light kiss against soft skin I feel her melt into my arms
Would like dinner, but dessert sounds good too

How bold was he indeed as he unzipped my dress
my back exposed to his kisses, and in that desired moment
the only thought left flashing its lights in my head were of
oh my god racy lacy red or comfortable, thankfully as he was just
about to find out, I'd decided on nothing at all.
Written by DevilsChild
Published | Edited 5th Apr 2015
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