... and it fell off

Found myself standing in front of a great old brick home

not knowing why I'm even there, I feel compelled to knock on the door

An old man answers, greeting me as if I'm an old friend

he introduces me to his granddaughter, who couldn't be a day older than sixteen

After giving her instructions to show me around the house, for reasons I can't comprehend he takes his leave

She smiles a wicked smile and promptly leads me upstairs to a large bedroom

After an awkward moment of silence, she leans in closer and kisses my neck

The smell of her perfume, or perhaps her pheromones is hypnotic

I desperately want to reject her advances and get myself far away from this place, but instead of speaking, my lips find their way to hers and instead of pushing her away, my hands find their way to her firm, but yielding buttocks

The animal in me takes over as I give them a firm squeeze, and I can feel the muscles shudder with anticipation as I lift her to my waist and practicality throw her to the bed

Is if by magic, I blink and she is completely undressed and so am I

As I enter her, the feeling is pure ecstasy as the surroundings of the room seem to disappear and our bodies dematerialize into forms of pure energy

For what seems like hours the five senses are replaced by that of a sixth, more pure sense of awareness of everyone and everything that is, ever was, and ever will be

I feel at one with all of mankind

Until suddenly, all my senses come flooding back to me and I feel as if I'm missing something

To my horror, I soon realize that my dick has fallen off, but there's no blood

I hear footsteps, then a doorknob turning

I throw the covers over both of us, and I turn around to see the old man standing there

His face reddens with rage, and the proceeds to spitting and cursing in an indecipherable tongue as I throw my clothes on

I slip my dick into the front pocket of my jeans, slip my boots on, and hurry down the stairs to the front door

I open the door, and walk through it
into a blinding white light

And then I awoke, covered in sweat
Written by LordCreepy (Colten_Sorrells)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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