This World Where I Make You My King

Yes, I am a queen.
Hard to attain but when had I am all youíll ever need.
No mistresses in my castle baby.
This queen knows how to keep a king happy.
I am soft & sweet.
Pleasing to the eye & giving in the bedroom.
Gifted in the kitchen & ready to let you rule from my throne.
I am ruthless & righteous.
Loyal †& loving.
I would make your mission my beliefs.
Yes, I am a queen.
To be loved, cherished, respected & treated with dignity.
I give it all to my people, my friends, lovers & family.
But you never lived in that world.
Where I am queen & you would be my King.
This world in which whatever you wish is given happily,
Any piece of land I own or army I lead.
All of mine is yours along with all of me.
You never even experienced a small piece.
What itís like to exist in my world where we wake up late on Sunday & have coffee at three.
Where I make you dinner & serve you, as it should be.
Morning sex without the breath because Iíll turn my head.
I fill the pipe & say ďhereÖ greens baby.Ē
Never got to know what I feel like inside.
Velvet & safety.
Never got to see my eyes when their truly crazy with every changing feeling.
Green to blue & the streaks of yellow between.
Those shifting colors & promises made.
Never got to see what I look like naked.
Didn't get the chance to feel my skin against yours or the heat of my body. †
You wonít ever know what I look like when Iím close or when Iím done.
You even canít imagine the face I make when I come. †
Never got see what I look like when Iím painting,
In the middle of the madness,
You never got to witness how much you inspire me.
Didn't see the moments between where we rest lazily,
Feeding each other grapes & wine,
Laying in satin sheets, wrapped around one another blissfully.
Never had that feeling.
Of me, surrendering it all to my king.
Becoming like a priest,
Where your words are golden & your wisdom's offer absolution.
You never get to know about this world where I make you my king.
Never could see anything besides the worst parts you siphoned out with lies.
All you got to see was me angry,
Sad, feeling rejected,
Insecure & frustrated.
You got these few glimpses of me happy,
Attentive, sweet, loving & weak in the knees.
But only for the fleeting moments you gave which were free of the anxiety of it all being made up for material,
you leave me believing you were just a thief.
Of my museís ability, my crown, my power, an incubus of my sensibilities. †
A vampire on my hidden vulnerability.
Yes, I am a queen.
And what do queens do when theyíre scorned my darling ?
They burn your village to the ground.
They erase your lineage.
They call out the minions.
They ruin your name.
They lock you in a tower to starve, suffer & repent forever in shame.
You may live in the world where I am queen.
But you failed your test to be my king.
Only a potential suitor who turned out to be a false knight in faded black leather,
A possible usurper of the crown.
A user of my feelings I had to banish from town. †

March 2015
Written by CeCe
Published | Edited 26th Sep 2015
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