A Demon's Game

Sorry this poem kind of changes from rhyming to not rhyming at all rather abruptly.  Any suggestions on how to make it better would be great!

In a house creaky and old,
My brother and I ventured inside.
Hands shaking I pretended to be bold.
I really wanted to run and hide.

Many have said this place is cursed,
But we wanted to see for ourselves.
I took a deep breath and prepared for the worst.
It was pitch black and half past twelve.

The floors creaked with each step.
This place smelled of death,
But in further we crept.
It was cold enough I could see my breath.

Then I heard a sickening crunch.
Derek slowly turned around to look at me.
His face was turned wide eyed with horror and then he threw up lunch.
Then I felt a sharp stabbing pain go through my knee.

My vision began to blur and blacken around the edges.
I saw my brother lunge for me and scream my name.
The space between us quickly stretches.
Then behind me came a creepy laugh that said, “Let’s play a game.”

Slowly I was lifted off the ground and facing the ceiling.
My back began to arch pushing my spine to the limits and
my fingers and feet started tingling.
Then it said, “every time you scream I’ll bend her spine,
but if you don’t escape in 10 seconds she dies.”
Derek screamed and threw a chair at the demon.

My back moved further and it cracked deep in the center.
I tried to escape or call for help but I couldn't move.
Derek yelled, “Stop, please stop! Don’t hurt my little sister!”
Then my arm twisted the wrong way bringing tears to my eyes.
My brother went to the door and yanked on the handle,
But it was no use.
My foot went cold and wet.
I could no longer feel it but I saw it lying on the ground moving.
I barely heard my brother scream for it was laughing so loud.
Again my back arched beyond belief cracking loud and deep.
Blood came gurgling up in my throat.
Choking me, I coughed it out but more and more blood kept coming.
I heard Derek trying to break one of the windows and scream for help.
My brother was screaming and crying begging for it to stop.
My back cracked again, I couldn't feel the lower half of my body.
Several of my ribs were cracked.
They moved like spears and broke through my skin.
Derek rushed to the door again but it still wouldn't open.
Panic and pain made the rest of my body numb.
The demon was reaching the end.
My brother collapsed crying.
One more please escaped from Derek’s mouth.
My back began to crack, to break, and to arch once again.
Written by PoisonApple
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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