Present Fantasy

I am a breath from you.
Catching my scent
You turn, face me and freeze.
My eyes focused on your mouth, your neck.
Watch as your Adam's apple rises and falls
Deliberate, slow
As you swallow, what I'm going to do
To you.
Inhaling,you always smell so good,
Clean but earthy, like grass and dirt.

I move in
A little

Energy tentacles reaching, you're about to-
Your hands fall behind
Clutch at the kitchen counter.
A slight smirk appears
And disappears
When you feel my hand
On your precious package.
OH yes, this is serious.

Looking into you, I rub over the cloth
That separates, your lust hardens
You are straining under there.
I want to feel it strain and straighten
Trapped in that space.
Rolling up on my toes,
My mouth latches to yours
Caught your breath,
Sucked it in, you deepen into me.
I don't stop, rubbing
You weaken, a little.

Rolling back down to my heels,
You bend to me, let me have
That mouth..

I'm soaked, right through
I can feel I'm swelling.
Freed from zipper restraints
That silken rod
That Jack-In-A-Box
Bounces into my hands.
It take two, just to engulf that length
That girth..
Just to stroke it

We find a rhythm
My mouth sucks your tongue
As your cock fucks my hands
My hips start to rock, pump the air between us
Standing there,
Devouring your mouth, a slight moan
Escapes you
It's the hottest sound.
I work you,
An intention to be reckoned with.

I free one hand. You see I need it.

I'm stroking us both now
My clit is slick with it.
I can't hold your mouth any longer,
I can hardly catch my own.
Breath is coming fast.
I share my flow
Slick'n you up.
"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum"
falls from you and
Sends me over
Our little cliff.
So sudden,
The shock through veins,
I shudder
Shudder hard, jelly legs
How am I standing?
Then you,

Frozen, just for a moment
You stumble to a chair,
Pants at your thighs.
You look at me
Smiling and slightly

Written by looloolookie
Published | Edited 27th Jul 2015
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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