A Catty Thought Experiment

Schrödinger and his Dr.:  
"I got your computerized axial      
tomography foto back, Erwin.      
Great news, there were no cats."    
I looked high and low.  I wanted to see how long it took to make it through to the funny pages.  That would be so cool in illustration! To be or not to be, that is the question; this is always the case. By the way, I’m living and dying all at the same time; this is always the case.  It means something, but you have to find it yourself; this is what happened.    
I was once only a lonely proton; positively radiant in my thermonuclear char(ac]acher yet demure in my nature.  There was an electron, he was so sweet; in a negative sort of way, of course. I got Solar excited as we turned into an atom together. We called it hydrogen and it stuck.  From star to star we floated on a beautiful mystery. Forever, my negatively ionized electron – he said just stick with me kid and be one with the wind, Grasshopper; we’re A bomb!      
We traveled thru waves and tumbling distances that were constants.  We traveled to and traversed worlds, exchanging energy systems for energy systems that were beaconed thru and delivered by the fixed laws of gravity.      
The mystery is the wonder that gives to all humanity.  It gives us meaning in our relationship to the universe and takes our breath away with its ambiance and flair.  Then you realize too that there will be tears.   Whatever you’re going through just keep going.  Rise above it and start again if you have to.  Be the vortex that the world is looking for.  There is a starting point, and then there is, infinity, and never the two shall meet.  It would create a critical condition.  I suspect. The End.  Until we meet again.    
“A hydrogen atom with excess energy is said to be excited.”  Can you imagine! I got so excited when I read that!    
I came upon a carbon Capulet    
And got transferred thru    
To an ion entropy set,    
Due to the chaos and      
Conformity throughout the universe,    
I got to living once:    
I’ll never forget it, and life begets begets begets begets!
Written by Pishashee
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