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On the floor

In line at the pizza place.

Pepperoni and sausage.
To go.

Clerk opened the box.
“Look alright?”

From behind me.

“Looks yummy to me.”

And then she winked.

I told the clerk,
“Add two Cokes, please.”

She carried the Cokes,
And held the door.

My car was just over there.
Sat the pizza on the hood.
Opened her door.
As she sat down and swung,
Her legs in,
The picture I got,
Hinted at more than,
Pizza and Coke,
On the floor,
In front of the TV.

After a couple of slices of pizza,
And half a Coke each,
We snuggled together,
Backs to the sofa,
Her head on my shoulder,
My arm around her,
Holding her close.

The couple in the movie kissed,
She said,
“Kiss me.”
I did.

As our kiss ended,
She said,
“What they do,
Let’s do the same.”

Sounded good to me.

They were kissing,
We were kissing.

The movie changed from "PG-13”,
To a solid “R”.

He helped her off with her blouse,
I helped her off with her blouse.

The necking,
Became petting.

The petting led to,

On the screen,
She unzipped his pants,
On the floor there,
Watching the movie,
She unzip mine.

Soon the movie went from,
A heavy “R”,
To a torrid “X”.

And we went along with it.

Her hand wrapped around my cock,
My fingers were rubbing her clit,
And dipping inside her cunt.

I didn’t notice if the girl on the screen,
Swallowed her boyfriend’s cock,
But this pizza joint chick,
Who had picked me up,
Had me so deep in her mouth,
I could feel her lips,
Touching the base of my cock,
Every time her wet mouth stroked,
The length of my cock.

I returned the favor,
With my tongue on her clit,
And one of the three fingers I had,
Inside her,
Stroking her g-spot.

She was panting,
And gagging,
And groaning.

Her hand was slippery,
Stroking my cock;
Lubricated with the saliva,
From her mouth;
Her other hand was working just about,
My balls.

We were sliding against each other,
Thrashing around on the floor,
All twisted,
Pretzel like,
My head pinned by her legs,
With my mouth tight,
Against her cunt.
My legs held her mouth,
Working my cock,
So hard,
I was peaking.

But she got there first.

I wasn’t ready,
For the gush that filled,
My mouth,
And brought me back,
From the brink,
Of where I wanted,
To go.

With single choking cough,
I jerked,
Out of her mouth.

I wiped my face,
Up her body
Past her navel,
Paused for,
A mouth full of tit,
And a nibble,
On both nipples,
Before letting her,
Taste herself,
As my mouth clamped,
On to hers.

My tongue found hers,
And as they thrust,
Against each other,
My cock found,
Her cunt,
Wet and ready,
For me,
To fill,
To thrust in to,
To hammer against,
To drive my cock home,
And —to fill;
Which I did,
With joy,
That she welcomed,
With another,
Flood of her own.

Completely spent,
Fully sated,
Totally satiated,
On the floor,
Covered in,
Lying in,
A puddle of spilled Coke,
Destroyed pizza,
And spend cum,
Still twined together,
My cock still inside her cunt,
Her fingers and their nails,
Still impaling my back,
One of my hands still gripping,
Her butt cheek,
Her legs still tangled around mine,
I looked,
In to her eyes,
And ask,
“What’s your name?”
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
Published | Edited 10th Feb 2015
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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