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Inikie-Russ (Fantasy Erotica)

     The sweet smell of Inikie-Russ’s sex filled the room that mingled with the sobbing, crying and moaning of the twelve women that lay naked before her. Each a virgin of eighteen years have been bound and gagged for the past three days, shackles about their wrists and ankles holding them in a kneeling position, and collars around their necks, keeping their heads within inches of the floor so that their virgin sex was exposed from behind. The twelve girls were bound in a circle around the room, all facing outward so that the product of their pleasure and multiple orgasms pooled on the floor around Inikie. Their quivering virginity creamed wetness like the tears on their faces from Inikie-Russ’s constant sexual pinkish aura that radiated around the room, throbbing and pulsating with every movement of Inikie’s body. The aura itself increased the sexual urges and desires of any individual, be they human, beast or undead, caught within its seductive embrace. On several occasions Inikie-Russ purposely increased the intensity of her sexual aura just to witness her captives shake uncontrollably, causing some to be rendered unconscious from such intense sexual torture.

         Finding virgins of this age was a nearly impossible quest in itself. The increasing prominence of sexual temptations, in addition to the greedy sexual appetites of men, and some women, usually caused a loss of virginity well before the age of eighteen. Rape was also an ugly beast that did not discriminate what gender you were so long as you sated its terrible sexual appetite.
      Watching her captors like a cat watches caged mice, Inikie-Russ squatted down beside one of the shackled women and rubbed her finger across the woman’s little bulb of pleasure, nestled within the silky folds of skin, before pushing it in slowly. With a mental thought Inikie-Russ dissolved the gag into a creamy white liquid, setting free a howl of ecstasy   from the woman’s lips.
      “Ple-ple-ase! Please! Relieve me! “. The woman pleaded between moans and convulsions as she looked at Inikie-Russ with eyes of wanting and desperation.  
      “Like raw juicy meat on the fire. You are not ready”. Inikie-Russ replied softly now pushing two fingers inside the woman, slightly deeper.
      “I’m ready. I am! I’ll give you anything! I’ll do anything! Please satisfy this yearning inside me! Please!” Cried the woman even louder. “Don’t stop! By the gods! Don’t stop!”
      “What is it you can offer me?” Inikie-Russ whispered in her ear while slowly kissing it and at the same time playing with her silky wetness. “Your body. I had control of that when your father gave you up to satisfy his own sexual desires many years ago. Your mind. It was lost the first moment you laid eyes upon me. Your soul. I have no need of that, because I feed my needs in more delicious ways.”
“Then what?” The woman asked realizing now she was free of her shackles and on her back, legs spread with Inikie-Russ kneeled between them-massaging her breast and sex.
      “You desire for me to satisfy your sexual needs. Then give me that desire. The feeling of not just your sex, but the purity of your virginity. The taste of your lust. The essence of that burning orgasm, within waiting to be satisfied. Give that to me and you shall be fulfilled.” Each word was as smooth as glass, but the delivery was as sweet as honey. “Are you ready to give so that you may receive?”
      “Yes, I, Marchetha Trydar swear by my virginity and my burning lust to give you my desire for sex and its fulfillment forever and always, Mistress Inikie-Russ!” Marchetha cried as she felt pressure penetrate deep inside her, causing her legs to open wider and her back to arch too receive her mistress more. Looking down she saw Inikie-Russ was elbow deep inside her while she sucked away the sweet juices that spurted from her. There was a sharp pain followed by intense pleasure as Inikie-Russ pulled her blood and goo covered arm, out of Marchetha holding a pulsating ball of glowing energy. At that moment Marchetha felt pleasure beyond anything she ever experienced. The feeling only lasting several moments seemed like an eternity inside her. Colors seemed brighter. The slightest touch, from the cool wind that blew throughout the room to the cold stone beneath her, caused uncontrollable orgasms. And any type of sound increased all her sensations on levels she could have never imagined. But there was no fulfillment and then no desire to pursue that enjoyment. Reality came crashing upon her as she finally realized what she gave up. Marchetha looked up at Inikie-Russ with teary eyes and a worn out womb realizing that her first enjoyable sexual- experience, may also be her last.
      Inikie-Russ, standing over her with her dripping sex exposed, reached down and yanked Marchetha’s head back. With the other hand, Inikie squeezed Marchetha’s sexual desire and fulfillment over her mouth releasing a creamy white liquid into Marchetha’s mouth.
      “Swallow.” Inikie-Russ ordered. And Marchetha did feeling a tingling warm sensation spread within her.
      Inikie-Russ placing Marchetha’s mouth against her pussy said. “Eat.” And she did unable to control herself after the first taste. With each additional taste Marchetha’s sexual hunger increased as well as the wetness of her sex, and Inikie’s. “My sweet child, don’t indulge all in one place. There are others among you moaning for your touch. Share your rebirth with them.” Inikie-Russ said. Spreading her hand towards the other captors still bound and gagged.
      “May I, with your permission, Mistress Inikie-Russ?” Marchetha asked as Inikie’s sex juices dripped down her chin.
      “Yes. Eat as much as your heart desires.” Inikie-Russ said with a smile across her lips. “However long that desire may last.”
Written by CasketSharpe
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