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Mistress Of Seduction~In Collaboration With The Beautiful Museofthefountain

Can I just pull you towards me?  
Don't struggle baby    
I'm sure just a simple taste will suffice    
I know you have never touched a girl    
But I'm growing hungry for you    
Pulling you closer    
Licking the side of your face    
You are my favourite flavour    
Grabbing a handful of your hair    
I pull your head back and push my tongue    
Deep into your Virgin mouth    
Trying to resist me will only make me want you more    
Putting my finger against your lips    
I push you down on the floor    
I straddle you, keep wiggling    
I giggle with excitement    
Can I play with you?    
Tell me baby?    
I could be your first honey    
Watching your breast heave as you breath    
Your nipples are so erect    
You are enjoying this experience    
Shall I carry on?    
Mistress of seduction mmm please don't stop    
let me see your nude body in all it's glory    
I'm giddy with anticipation wanting to taste your sweet spot    
you slowly undress me first as my top comes off    
taking my breast in your mouth licking and gently sucking    
I'm getting so creamy blushing wildly    
that this enchantress would desire me in the way I crave her    
I ask you can I? I want to see and consume your body    
you take control undressing with a sexy flair    
unleashing your beautiful breasts so voluptuous    
pushing my face in between your tits    
fingering my pussy as you do so    
so bold and desirable my Mistress    
you order me on my knees "lick my cunt"    
knowing I'm a naughty girl lusting after you then playing coy    
down on my knees shivering with hunger    
for your lavender scented pussy    
I taste you for the first time letting your sweet juices    
linger on my lips lapping at your creaminess slowly at first    
then with eager abandon, licking, swirling my tongue    
on your engorged clit so swollen and wet    
not wanting to climax yet you tell me lay down my pet    
spread eagle for your Mistress I have some toys I want to use on you    
There there now that's a good little bitch    
Aren't you good at what your told    
I'm very pleased so far    
But I want to tie you up and play some more    
Keep you in my cupboard    
Locked away, you my little treaty    
I want to play with your hot body to my content    
Sorry if this string burns your wrists    
While I'm fisting your swollen cunt    
Ahhh you like that don't you baby    
Taking my dripping hand and sucking dry each finger in turn    
Mmmm your taste is addictive    
Put your fingers inside yourself for your mistress    
I want you to dig deep    
While i let this tongue piercing stimulate your clit    
Cum over my face dirty girl    
Reaching up and digging my nails into your breasts    
Clawing at your silky flesh    
Sliding my weight up so I can look directly into your eyes    
Look at me...while I fuck with you baby    
The wildness of my eyes excites you    
The freedom in yours spurs me on    
Biting your neck I taste the iron    
I will take, just a trickle  of blood    
You satisfy me in so many ways    
your little whore for the playing with    
bleeding from my cunt never being fisted before    
my pussy aches from the sweet pounding you gave it    
popping my cherry with a woman for the first time    
you now kiss my pain away gently and tenderly    
petting my swollen cunt licking at my exposed clit    
finger fucking my tight ass    
you tell me I can cum now I've been in sweet agony    
awaiting release after sating your savage hunger    
for this tasty little treat my Goddess appeased    
the need for female flesh blessing me by coming    
on my waiting tongue tasting of strawberries    
you continue to lick me gently then a little harder    
mmm I cum on your luscious lips cum dripping    
from both our lips we seal our seduction    
with a passionate kiss    
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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