Love is patient, Love is kind,
But you canít see love in the see of the blind,
In the forest of pain, dwelling on past remains
Of what used to be happiness now submerged in rain,
Drowning undeniably because our lost society,
Has lost all of its guidance and now resorts to acts of piracy,
Gone are the days of fairness and understanding,
We think Lifeís too hard days are too demanding,
When in reality we really lack patience and understanding,
Truth and compassion, honesty and loyalty, respect for our elders,
As well as for our children see, thatís where my confusion begins,
I canít fathom the thought of committing such a sin,
To abuse a child is to abuse is to abuse potential,
To abuse an elder is to abuse the essential,
Lessons, experience, positive reinforcement,
Instead we choose to fabricate, Giving negative endorsements,
To our future, right now does it seem bright to you?
I need you to think really hard before you answer too,
In acceptance or denial the truthful answer is the same,
We have only our decisions and actions to blame,
That young boy couldíve been a poet and he ainít even know it,
Cuz he put molly up in her champagne, got locked up for it,
That young girl had a scholarship, and she ainít even going,
More concerned about the street life, Cuz School got boring,
That young boy is now a grown man, with no goals and a shady plan,
That young girls now a known fiend living downtown by the trashcans,
I canít stand, the visual,
Of failure becoming typical,
Expected of then categorized,
So a person canít see through their own two eyes,
But the others, those storytellers,
Telling tales of the materialistic bottom dwellers,
When you take off their masks, theyíre the ones who end up jealous,
Let me tell yaíll about the foolishness they try and sell us,
Risk your life mixing drugs in the club with your liquor,
Fuss and fight over the petty, hate your brother, hate your sister
Go out and sleep with many, unprotected, give your gifts up,
Make it easy on the system, you can kill yourselves quicker,
I personally disagree our perceptions vastly differ,
Life is full of possibility, if you can see the bigger picture,
If you can step outside of line, be a leader, not minion,
Prove that your surroundings donít determine your opinion,
Prove that your upbringing wonít decide your futureís path,
Say yes I have a purpose, before they think to ask,
Yes I do have goals, dreams and aspirations,
Yes there will be valleys full of different complications,
Yes I will make mistakes, thatís all a part of growing,
Yes Iíll join the few who have the privilege of knowing,
Written by phlawlissflow
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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