Hide and seek

As kids we skipped around
Played police or played house
But the most fun was ďhide and seekĒ

What they never said
Is that we will never stop playing
We did not even realize
That even our parents were playing

Itís fun,
Itís a really fun game to play
Because itís intense
Up until that moment youíre caught,
You pray to be safe,
to not be found hiding in that cabin
where there is no light.

You swallow your spit,
Stand still,
Donít make a sound
Hope they donít hear you this time
Your heart pounding out your chest
When you hear those footsteps you hold your breathe
No one must hear you,
You will not be caught.

But we never think about thatÖ..
What if we are never caught?
Will it still be intense?
Or do the people give up?
Will they stop looking for you?
While you are still hiding
Thinking someone will come for youÖ

But they donít, do they?
Youíre left alone,
Because you chose a hiding place
No one can enter
And no one can find

Itís a masterpiece
But itís not on display
Because how will they understand
That you canít step out
Out of that place,
Where everything is all clear
Where nothing is wrong
How will they understand me?
Have I done something wrong?

But see, thatís not fair
Because they canít see
So they donít know

The feel of 100% cotton pressed upon your face
Fingers puncturing that soft sponge
As you pray
ďplease donít let this happen to meĒ
Your innocence is taken away

You donít know
The pain it comes with
To hide away
To never be foundÖ.
And keep wondering
Will it ever go away?
Or will it fade with time?

Answers you will never find
Because even darkness refuses your friendship request this time.

It doesnít matter
How many walls we built
What we do
Or how we do it
With whom we do it
All that matters is that we hide
We hide it all away
To never be found

So we play that game
We always played
To store away all the pain

Hide and seek!....
What a gameÖ..
The game we still play
And as time passes we might say our prayers

Saying my brother I love you
My mother I love you
My father I love you
But you secretly hate them
Because they never sought you

Never heard your silent cries
Never heard your soundless yells
So you kept hiding,
Hoping someone would seek you

Not knowing people have been singingÖÖ.
Come out, come out, wherever you are
Because life in here, could tear you apart

Written by Raheelle_Bhaggan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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