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In Our Sisters We Trust! with MuseOfTheFountain

Secrets we keep under the truth of wisdom    
Cunning as we move with the wind    
Unpredictable crazy sisters    
Hunting with a need to sustain our lust for justice    
Bringing my hand up to touch your face    
We giggle in uncontrollable lust    
Now now..we must calm our desire to play    
We have work to do sister, it's all a game to us    
We will find the man who broke her heart    
Unthinkable acts to be played by our hands    
But first I kiss you, powerfully with force    
Remind you of our secret bond    
I mischievous of mind you the dominant sister    
tasting my blood on your lips    
as you bite mine sends me into a frenzy    
our mantra she must be avenged    
our lovely wind sister who was abused cruelly    
then cast aside left broken among the ashes    
the soft breeze makes us think of her    
embracing you I laugh madly    
we will slice him with razors    
one for every slash she took to her soul    
he is in hiding we smell his cowardice the hunt begins    
you admonish we must begin with a ritual    
under the moon chanting our plea to the powers that be    
"we will find him sister"    
you utter through gritted teeth    
Storms rage and lightning strikes    
Our arms stretched to Mother Moon    
Respected by our ancestors    
We are given the gift of sight and smell    
On the hunt we gather our tools    
Razors sharp and couldrons poison    
Searching where the whores line up    
His favourite playground we find    
We beckon to him with our display    
Tongues flicking with fire and twisted desire    
My hands cupping your gypsy breast    
He can not resist us with the powers of old    
Pulls his car round all slick    
With a wink from you we hop in to his destiny    
inviting him to our lair    
a flicker of disdain flashing cold in my eyes    
with a bat of lashes I conceal my rage    
seducing him on the bed while you expertly    
mix him a cocktail of whiskey and belladonna    
just enough to knock him out while we prepare    
quickly now as we giggle wildly    
we draw a pentagram on the floor    
setting our cauldron in the center    
he awakens to find himself manacled to the bed    
with sharpened razors we begin our carving    
dripping acid on each wound laughing madly    
as they bubble and ooze    
gagged so not a scream can be heard we chant as we slash    
when we have finally finished our masterful carving    
making his outsides match his ghastly insides    
I look to you eagerly and ask "sister can I?"    
with fire flaming in your gaze    
you say I can gouge out his eyes    
chanting so he will never again behold beauty    
never appreciating it    
my blood lust is fed as I take my claw like fingers    
taking his lying eyes out of their sockets    
then throwing them into our black stew    
giggling you unsheathe your blade    
castrating him with quick precision    
chanting this is so you will never taste the sweet nectar    
of an Earth Goddess again then deserting her    
planting your seed in defiled ground    
casting his bloodied stub of a cock in the pot    
we are now ready to curse the end of his days    
Untie his limp useless body, drag him out on the moor    
String his flesh up on the dowry tree for all to see    
Warnings of death to the evils inside    
The same fate awaits all who mess with our pride    
Sisters of the earth stick together..whatever    
We will not stand down..we will always take justice    
Hang there finished dirty puppet    
We sing our thanks to the moon while we giggle at our sacrifice    
Lying you down I rip your clothes off sister    
Incestual lust is a gift of twisted fith to us    
Naked on the mud u squirm as i slide my slender hand to your thigh    
"I love you sister, let's celebrate" I whisper softly in your ear    
Then i'm face down in your wet desire    
The thunder cracks over head as the Goddess rejoices    
She has received two sacrifices this night    
One of death and justice    
Now one of love and lust    
As the rain falls we make love    
Sliding and grinding in the mud we satisfy our desires    
Working together in lust and rage    
Our promise to bring justice to the men of sin    
In our sisters we trust!
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Published | Edited 22nd Jul 2015
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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