Post Racial...PLEASE!!!

So we are living in a post-racial world
where did the bus take you dude
let's try and break this down
I will do my best to not be rude

Wish it was simple as the stats
but they only tell half of the story
for way too many of darker skin
the narrative features anything but glory

Gun sells have skyrocketed
because the "socialist" is commander-in chief
deliberately coming for your arms
not even the first family is spared presidential grief

College campuses undergrads burn pictures in effigy
impeach the African who tramples on the law
any federal agency not running efficiently
attributed to another one of the executive's flaws

So many issues the mass of opinion leans to one side
just add the president's name and the whole sentiment changes
one who studies language can read between the lines
with the assessments and favorability exchanges

The media plays along playing nicey nice
as if race no longer should be a factor
but the divide in some respects has grown larger
the distrust amassing like fusion in a reactor

They will suggest that black on black violence
justifies a police force's lethal acts
permission to be gunslingers with badges
who cares if the response is inhuman and lacking tact?

How many wall street swindlers can commit crimes and get away
well those market movers aren't sporting many darker tans
then look at the prison population
easy to see why the brother with color is an endangered man

You see the gorilla that has been in the room
even predating the importation of slaves
is the behavior justified by being for the good of the nation
that sent many innocent people to early graves

Just look at the NBA players sporting t-shirts saying "I can't breath"
notice the vanilla players are absent from this display
indicative of a lack of concern for the human family
or just indifferent in turning their heads and focused on the ball play?

The fact is real change takes some soul searching
and it must go beyond the color of skin
must include a discussion that may be unpleasant
be more then a one time inclination and whim

For even ideals held as sacred that should be cherished by all
are given lip service when it is ballot casting time
no coincidence that when it comes to hours of standing
the states of the south are where you find the longest lines

Tell yourself that it is a bed of roses
in the new atmosphere of the new world order
but I suggest the presence of reality
people dealing with that invisible border

A border that is reflected in many divergent views
not the least of which are on government sanctioned brutality
leaving those who see clearly a bit skeptical
questioning if justice rings true in "the land of the free"

Yes I love the nation of my birth
and I still have faith and hope
but some of us have been lured into complacency
time to get off the status quo's dope!
Written by JAZZMANOR
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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