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catching butterflies***

those places tucked away
below surface,hidden deep
that piece of your heart
up on a shelf, out of reach
buried in a chest
locked away with no key
that part of you
that no1 gets to see
that is what most
intrigues me
much like an archaeologist
diggin for clues
im on a treasure chase
for relics of your truth
those lil tidbits
that makes you uniquely you
i want to pick your lock(brain)
pry it open for a peek
at the views your eyes
those are the visions
i want you to share with me
see i want to know you
complete knowledge and in turn
for you to know me
let's have wondrous conversations
that stimulate,perplex, and wow!
let me be the labyrinth
that furrows your brow
the unsolved mystery
it takes forever to decipher
encircled in curiosity's kiss
an endless all nighter
for you to be lost and found
in the depths of my eyes
searching for my smile
beguiled and magnetized

see all the answers you seek
hidden in plain sight
its all right here
in black and white
what lies at the core
is projected to the surface
i don't wear my heart on my sleeve
cause its sketched in my epidermis
all the light and dark
contours of my heart
the splattered ink of my soul
in abstract art
every spectrum of color
from light to dark
my good,my bad, and ugly
in quotation marks
in between the lines
meters and rhyme
glimmer speckled flecks
of multihued design
to graffiti your mind
as words drip and slowly sink
from deep dark browns
to soft sensual pink
see each word birthed
defines a woman's worth
from the hardest stone
to the softest place on earth
carved from your rib
to be right by your side
the closest thing to your heart
by divine design
tell me can you grasp
the soft supple curves of my verbs
that entice like swaying hips
tempt and tingle nerves
do you crave my nouns
profound poetic sweetness
like tasty nectar of lillies
in the valley of venus
in between the lines are
the sweetest whispers ever uttered
just like butterfly wings
it leaves heart's all aflutter
so if you want it,touch it
go ahead and grab it
it's already yours
if you were meant to have it
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