he could be a Marilyn Manson song if he had an ear for poetry

Youíre a doll of wax
covered in ash  
there is nothing real  
in your meth amphetamine lies  
Iím a cigarette thatís burning out
too fast  
fading into the night sky  
dead smoke and dreams  
There is no ambition here  
beyond the will to stay alive
Iíve been waiting for better
since before rehab raped  
what was left of my soul  
and that was ten years ago  
We are one with the nothingness
and I shouldnít have to tell you  
not to listen to the whispers across  
the chem lab table  
they come with a death sentence  
though tonight it wonít be us  
itíll just be the dreams we let fade away  
for a better escape  
You donít know who you are  
and I donít want to remember  
who I was  
back in the days when I was all smiles
for the cops  
whiskey and bongs  
hidden under the bed sheets  
as they stalked through the halls
I never did tell you  
my virginity got lost in the couch  
so I guess you win there  
we both know youíve tasted love
though it fucked you like all the other drugs  
that sit under your nasal cavity  
and promised just as much  
for a different price  
Iím still as loveless  
as I ever was  
but unlike you Iíve let that dream  
sail into the night sky where it belongs  
because people like us
weíre never going to be whole  
And sometimes the best we can hope for  
are better days  
the ones where we arenít bleeding  
the ones where we can pretend weíre not broken  

Because weíre no better than the lies  
we tell ourselves  
and for you  
I guess thatís enough  
to be at one with the dishonesty in your veins  
But me  
I never wanted this life  
and I know deep down  
youíre better than this  
© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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