(I'm a soldier)

(I'm a soldier)
I was born into this world of sin, i was aware of the actions of the enemy
I was accepted into the Christian army 
I decided to take on the responsibility of being the leader of my family of believers, to become another known achiever, that's always ready for a challenge, an athlete that never takes a breather, i keep my mind on the future, and positivity is my keeper, i have the presence of a young teenager but have the mind of a preacher, i speak through words but I'm always willing to become another Bible based teacher
(I'm a soldier)

As I'm stepping onto the battlefield, i can see all my fellow believers seeing all the good vs bad, I'm blocking out the bad with my faith engraved shield
I look into the sky and i can feel something powerful, a blessing the Lord is about to reveal 
I see through faith, a new beginning is about to come
but i have my arsenal of prayers that I'll always conceal 
When negative situations try to attack i will throw them at will
But the war between good and bad has always been here, the battle for me has just now started, and now this whole journey of life has just got real

I fight through the heartache
I fight through the pain
I've defeated another evil spirit alive as i remain
I stomp on the next one
I can feel the adrenaline in my veins 
A positive state of mind will always be something to maintain, faith as my objective then i move to the next battle every enemy seems the same
But the structure of an elite soldier will have the full package of what the Holy spirit will always contain
I'm known as a celebrity of the Christian fame, negative situations try to take you out but it's just trials and tribulations just to stimulate the brain
The journey to heaven is what i call life, and it's definitely not a game

Stay strong and compose of a positive motivation
Then your faith and confidence will incredibly increase
Slay the naughty dragon of pain and frustration
But the evil spirit struggle and struggle to hold on not to release but the desperation of the wrong doing demon has only one limitation, the recreation of ones grief, recreation of ones sorrow, the placement of doubt in ones belief, the cause of 
pain of tomorrow, without the occupation of ones relief, the hardening pain for one to swallow, as I move on, i begin to fight another beast that's aiming for another feast but can't find anything to eat, gracious faith is what i keep,the enemy try so hard to bring you down and knock you out, but I'm supplied with the amour of the holy spirit so bringing me down enemy has already been out of reach
As i bow down on my knees and praise God for all he has done i will always defeat and beat the enemy and his tactics, the enemy can't stop me, as my wings open up and release, I've won my battle, may let negativity rest in peace
(I'm a soldier)

                          -Quentin Norman
Written by Inspiration98
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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