Burden of the Broken

I sit here alone, lost in thought...
reminiscing about all the battles I've fought.
Trying to be "normal" was a struggle indeed,
if only I knew then that I'd never succeed.
So I am done with trying to fit in,
but this lonely soul finds no comfort within.
I reached out, but it was in vain,
since many deny, or dismiss my pain.
There are those who will never understand,
why my heart is held so tight in my hand.
Looked down upon, for my diminished desire,
my loss of vigor, and my will to aspire.
I no longer hope, nor do I dream,
sewing myself up, seam by seam.
To all of you, who judge me so...
there is something you should know.

Throughout this life
of endless strife,
Misery bled me like a knife.
Through ceaseless plight,
futilely I fight,
battling sorrow, with no end in sight.
The weight of despair,
is too great to bare...
wearily I'm writhing, from mental warfare.
My burden of shame...
is greater than name,
me and the enemy are one in the same.
My own adversary...
this curse that I carry,
is not something I can easily bury.
You can condescend,
and judge to no end...
mocking something you cannot comprehend.

So make assumptions, to your heart's content,
label me as antisocial, or aberrant.
You can think of me what you will,
have your laughs, take your fill.

I will deflect and dismiss any ill word spoken...
you can never break me...since I'm already broken.
Written by Benaditus (Robert)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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