Image for the poem The Power Of Poetry  (reposted for Lokigirlofmischief)

The Power Of Poetry  (reposted for Lokigirlofmischief)


“There are no coincidences,” Sigmund Freud.

The following was inspired by Cherie Sumner’s poem, ‘The Scythian Empire Rises Again’.

The Power of Poetry

The poetic balladeer, Jim Morrison, put to music his poem, ‘Soft Parade’, in July of 1969.  From it comes the following verse.

“A cobra on my left
 Leopard on my right, yeah
 The deer woman in a silk dress”

Was this just a part of a drug filled rant, or was this a prophetic vision?  Morrison claimed to have had visions.  But what did he mean by such gibberish as a ‘deer woman’ flanked by a leopard and a cobra?  Were these images of the future, or something from the past?  Of course, most would argue what Jim would see, came only from his trips on LSD.

But a quarter of a century later, in July of 1993, on the steppes of Southern Siberia, Morrison’s vision came true with a volition.  Unearthed below the permafrost was the tomb of a Scythian warrior woman.  Frozen for centuries, her remains were in nearly pristine condition.  By her lavish tomb, archeologists theorize she was a member of royalty, in this maternal dominated warrior society.

Now for the heebie jeebies.

Wearing a beautiful silk dress, the ice maiden was covered with elaborate tattoos of beautiful deer.  On each side of her lay carved figurines of animals.  On her left; an ornate serpent or snake, on her right; gold covered snow leopards, fashioned in the same style as several snow leopard tattoos on her body.

It’s my conclusion, that this Scythian warrior woman was the ‘deer woman in the silk dress’ that Morrison had envisioned decades earlier.  And I have no doubt that if old Sigmund were alive today, he would agree.  So my friends, never underestimate the power of poetry.

“Everywhere I go I find that a poet has been there before me,” Sigmund Freud.
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