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Holy Goddess of Divine Love

- Holy Goddess of Divine Love -
A Meditation on Love and Reincarnation

Ah, to be slain as one with so mortal a wound, how moving!
To be pierced by the sharp arrows, which Eros doth let fly...
If pain be, at times, a pleasure most strange and most rare,
Then surely must this sensation be, of all others, the proving!
To what may I, the intensity and force of my rapture, compare?
For it feels as a fire everlasting, an inferno that canst never die...
Wouldst I ever wish to douse so Divine and pure a sacred flame?
Nay: for to do so wouldst be to embrace the foolishness of shame.
I am above shame, when in the arms of love and lustful pleasure,
Aye, and often do I contemplate the heaven of a fair maiden's embrace!
It is then, that I do discover the true worth of such splendid treasure,
For, the bliss of Paradise is oft beheld within a perfect woman's face.
I seek shade from my cares, beneath the branches and the leaves,
I am satisfied of thirst in the waters of her clear rivers and streams.
Her voice doth resound, as doth the music of every gentle breeze,
She is the succubus that doth haunt the substance of my dreams.
She is the soul of all knowledge found in this, my Eden's, trees,
The spirit and the essence of countless forbidden delights...
Yet, this goddess doth play the slave of love, upon her very knees,
And I, her divinity, do slake my thirst in her for countless nights!
So very hot, these nights, these glimpses of a heaven without end,
So hot, that I burn in the ecstasy of such otherworldly sport!
May the marks of our passions never vanish, never wholly mend,
For they art the signs of our love, and so art of a different sort!
What scars wouldst I not keep, that were of ye to give, sweet thing,
For, the flesh is naught save the playground of the inner soul...
If thou wilt play the queen, then I must be thy sovereign king,
Accepting the birthmarks of our reign as the sweet price and toll.
We art of one flesh, one body, though we were born as two apart,
Perhaps that is why we rend and bite it so, in our frenzied hours...
To punish whatever cruel gods that once split in twain that heart,
And reunite it once more, with our combined passion's powers!
The climax of our revels doth send my essence beyond the sky...
Where I am supreme with thee; at one with everything, I do sigh.
As angels can mount to Heaven, on love's golden wings canst I!
Ask me not to tell thee of it, for I know not words to give it why...
Why the power of this love, that gives me such wings of Blessed Light,
Nor why such a power doth stir my heart, with its’ glorious might.
Am I, thusly, a puzzle? Ah, so too is my Lady Love! For, we art one.
I am honored that thou wouldst compare us, and flatteringly so...
We art as mysterious as the stars that always shine, high above; we art one.
In all our impurities, we shine more pure than doth falling snow!
Wanton am I, and she, my divine harlot, canst be more wanton still...
We drink from passion's cup, yet demand far more to hath our fill,
We glut ourselves upon desire, and never even a drop doth we spill;
Once we know the mountains, we thence doth seek to know every hill...
In every pleasant valley, we raise to new heights, every thrill!
Let the arrows from Love's bow come; aye, and let them wound me,
I give myself unto the pleasures of that warmly pleasant pain...
The tears that come art of a joy that canst only cometh in victory,
They fall in sweetness, like unto a softly passing spring rain...
I am conquered, yet never was one brought so low, so happily!
In such depths, I sink not; look how I do rise, as doth one anew,
Reborn in love, immortally made, fresh as is the morning’s dew.
I have tasted of the Holy Grail in Her sweet, soft, lips; blessed am I,
I have found the warm blood of salvation in this moist kiss...
I have found the body of my Savior in her perfect hips; blessed is she,
I have found her form to be the very image that is of Sacred Bliss!
She is my goddess, my very life: the ultimate lover, ending of strife.
Will I know her when this life deems we art to meet and love again,
And in that moment, I shall know an ending to my fears and my pain?
Dearest mate of my fiery soul,
When it is, thee, I hope I know.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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