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Priceless Desire

She stands at the far end of the room,
Her image projects itself out of the silhouette from the sinful people around her.
What makes her stand out is not only her figure which is meant to capture the attention of all men that come across her,
Its also those lips, red like virgin blood spilled on snow.
From the glow in her eyes I can see Beethoven and a host of Angels playing a heavenly symphony,
Her hair, each piece a string of gold, dances in accord with the harmony.
She takes a slice of heaven, dips it in milk and honey and wears it on her face as a smile.
She is the perfect damsel.

While starring at her Cupid launches a missile at the butterflies in my stomach,
It hits me in the chest and a rush of blood bullets to my man hood, making it harder than a titanium vault.
She has conquered me from a distance, I'm enthralled by her perfection.

The club music slowly fades away and I can hear wedding bells in the distance, the distant future.
I undress her in my mind, slowing taking off her long mulberry silk dress exposing the Eighth wonder of the world.
I imagine us doing things Adam and Eve failed to do in the garden of eden,
My fantasy then leads us to somewhere in the galaxy where we are floating in the air with our bodies apart but our souls deeply in romance.
We are giving a whole new meaning to love, lust, romance and all words related.

I come back to my senses to the sound of tequila bottle from the next table hitting the marble floor.
I'm still seated, thinking of the perfect lines to decorate her ears with, hoping my talent as a poet will not fail me,
So I take more shots, to make me be a Spartan in the battle with my fears and insecurities...
...and I've won

Each step I take towards her is a promise of a thousand pleasures satisfied, and I'm surely going to achieve that tonight.

Here I stand, face to face with her,
As I am about to tell her all the things Romeo failed to say to Juliet, I felt the smooth length of her finger on my lips while her nail slightly scratches my nose.

She leans in and whispers hot breath in my ear
"Hold it boy, its twenty thousand for the night"

As shocked and enthralled as I was, I gave my perfect reply
" Well... How much is it for life ? "
Written by Emjay (Tirma)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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