ĒYouíre in a rationality free zone
logic isnít welcome here
come in with a positive affirmation
on your tongue
and leave your negativity at the door

We donít believe in God
but today we want to
because itís an absolute
havenít you heard
only the good die youngĒ

Weíll pretend nothing bad happens here
grown-ups with a Peter Pan complex
refusing to allow ourselves the full range
of human emotions on the premise
that they just might hurt

Because life shouldnít be this painful
though Iím not sure who wrote the rule book
on how much life a person has to endure
good or bad or indifferent
before it comes under the definition of fair

And if weíre not being honest here
if weíre not going to say it how it is
because it just might be a little upsetting
despite the fact that dismissing reality
is like smiling through a suicide
what Iím not saying isÖ

Iím tired of wearing your moods like bruises
and your judgement like a crucifixion
for crimes I havenít committed

Iím tired of being weighed and measured
to the standards of others like theyíre better
because of an accident of birth

Iím tired of being the only one here
subscribing to reality
while you wax and wane over the injustices
of the universe and pray to a god you donít believe in
for a man you never knew
and tell me that only the good die young

By those standards
I guess youíll live forever

Though if I died tomorrow
I'm still not sure you'd call me
a good person

© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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