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Image for the poem Rubbing The Genie        (While he watches me)

Rubbing The Genie        (While he watches me)

  You are cordially invited 
         to the annual 
       Halloween Party
   East Greenwich Village
    125 east 11th street
     All welcome to attend.
Please check vanilla thoughts
             at the gate 
           join the frea

The lights beamed from blocks away as we approached 11th street.  The vibrations of the energy from the base of the beats drew the crowd in, dressed in costumes and masks; for this one night, everyone became other than who they were.   Enjoying the sinful offerings in anonymity.

Dan had called me earlier asking if I would attend the party this year.  I had been drowned in work, working around the clock 24/7 barely managing sleep.  I decided I deserved a break and Dan always had a way convincing me what I needed, before I knew it myself.

I had exactly 2 hours to get dressed before he came by to pick me up.  The black latex short skirt was in the box along with black bustier with laces, and thigh high leather boots with sheer hose laid on the bed.  I reached the top drawer of my dressing table and pulled the new lingerie I had kept for those special moments, the delicate french lace in sheer silk matched my toned sensual skin. It had cost me a week's pay but no man could resist to find caramel sizzling in LaPerle' lingerie melting wax from miles away.

The ebony costume fit my body like a tight glove, defining every curve and mound as I pulled the zipper to hit stop, and laced the bustier down the small of my back.  My body ached for release as it contained and held my lust in.

The final touch was the dark mask which covered my eyes, boldly displaying the vibrant ruby rouge on my lips.  My hair cascaded down on my bare shimmery shoulders dusted with sparkle laced with perfume.

Dan was always so punctual. I could always count on him, we have been best of friends for so many countless years.  I looked at the clock when the door bell chimed.  Fifteen minutes to the hour.
As soon as I opened the door, I heard the excitement in his voice bounce through the halls.
'Hot sexy mama, flowing with lava.  Every sugah daddy in town is gonna wanna buy you a candy shop.  Girl, I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight!'

I giggled, he sure knew how to make a girl feel like a hot star with dirty thoughts on her mind.

'You ain't looking bad yourself officer Dan, with guns like that every girl is going to break the rules just so they can get handcuffed by you.'  I winked at him with a wicked smile.

He offered his arm and we went down the stairs to a waiting taxi.  It sped through the busy streets and neon lights, a city that never sleeps.  The big apple dripping with juice quenching the thirst of every New Yorker who came to town with no intentions to ever leave.

As the taxi pulled at the curb by the building, the street was crowded with partygoers and people watchers, dressed in all kinds of costumes unimaginable.  We walked in and followed the narrow dark corridors leading the dance floor, the music blasted and lights flashed, streaming on dancers dancing in twos and threes, exchanging partners for new moves with exotic flavors.

Dan pulled me to the dance floor and we moved with the rhythm of the beat.  My body sizzled with every friction of the movement in my clothes, my glossy chestnut hair curled and teased bounced with every step, keeping up with the pace.

When suddenly I saw his shadow in the deep dark corner of the room staring at me intently, deliberately watching my every move.  He held his cigar between his long fingers slowly bringing to his dark juicy lips drawing a long drag, lighting the tip brightly, then letting out a hot steam.

My eyes were transfixed holding my breath in when I saw him approaching us, taking me in his strong arms, leading the way pushing Dan to the side.
The room suddenly fell silent and we seemed alone dancing to the beat of our hearts, synchronically.
When he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the floor to the dark corridors of the back rooms.  
It felt like a maze with creatures lingering in the shadows, kissing, fucking, blowing and exposing.
Girl on girl, guy on guy, the peepers, the doers, crawlers dipping in and out for a good fuck.
The dark orange red light lit sparingly as I followed Him, blindly.  My heart beating against my ribcage underneath the bustier.  I let my insecurities in the palm of his hand with abstract reasoning of feeling safe.

And then, I let it be..

Show me your gothic deviant thoughts
dark bewitching obscene yearnings
standing in plume of ambiguity
to taste the dark smoke of your clouds
my moans trapped in your mouth

I follow your shadow amongst ghosts
the velvet dark room lit in hazy hues
of passion, running streams of blues
spread whorishly seeking pleasure
in staccato, chained to the walls

You watch my every move, with hunger
undressing me with your gaze
pushing, pulling my skirt and lace
to trace the lines of my stockings
leading to my panty-less sex

The divine instrument of torture
flagging against my tender skin
pull my hair papi, slam deeper
fuck me with deathly desperation
plunging into me, spiraling

The hard thud of your hips
against my ass, jolts my body
the musk of sex and tang of latex
cherry redness beneath my knees
sounds of ecstasy towards pleasure

Your cock pounds with a force
stretching my tight flesh to the bone
the baritone tone of your voice
telling me, 'You're a bad, bad girl,
I'm gonna fuck you like a Puta'

My tits graze the hard floor
with every tug, push and pull
your fingers dug in my hipbones
forcing me open to take your meat
slamming hard core devour

He pounds from behind, keeping me at his mercy.  My hands cuffed to the wall, unable to move but mostly from the pleasure and the pain, needing more; unable to sustain.  I close my eyes with each thrust letting deep groaning moans escape, saliva dripping from my lips, while hot lava drips from my swollen clit down my thighs, pooling between my bruised knees.  
We rock together in unison, when he suddenly pulls my hair back, arching my back driving deeper to my womb, exploding his milky seeds, mixing with my sweet drips.  Falling breathlessly on my back pushing my body down with his weight while his cock anchored, throbbing, coated with our honey.

Before our breathing evens, I feel him rise to push me back on my knees and I feel him behind me, kneeling and exploiting my soft layers with his fingers pushing his tongue in, lapping the warm gush oozing slowly from my deep well.  His tongue licks every layer, stabbing me like a dagger coaxing my sopping pussy to expel under his demand, releasing to fill his hungry mouth.  When suddenly unable to contain myself I squirt with sudden flush of my lust on his tongue, running down his chin.  He laps like a wild animal, slapping my ass with satisfaction.

"Now you're a good, good girl.  Just the way I like it, down on fours, doing what you're told" he kisses my neck, releasing my bruised cuffed hands, taking me in his arm possessively, kissing my lips tenderly.

"What's your name baby girl, write down you number.  It will be on my quick dial"

I smile at him wickedly and fetch for my lipstick from my purse, re-unbuttoning his shirt.  
I scribble 1-646-382-5633 (1-646-fuc-koff)
'My name is Alice Dee' I whisper softly behind his ear planting a kiss on his chin, leaving the mark of my cherry red lips.

I walk out smiling wickedly. He thinks he has my number, there will be a surprise waiting for him when he dials.

Sex is nothing but a tool, to get what you can and walk out the door, never look back.
Bad boys like him think they own the world, when its the women who call the shots as long as we have the pussy and the brains; we know how to fuck!
Written by Lena-underneath
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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