"I Hear The Breath Of A Beast" * Audiam Et Spiritus Pecoris

* entered in DH's summoning comp
into the woods afar, here lays yesterday
 under the night sky, within a coven of trees
trodden earth, cool air; disturbed of stench, I pray..
 deathly quiet, I hear the breath of a beast
echoes linked in time, destiny evoked of shadow
 Merciless, show thy hand from the murky depths
unto thou I hold nothing, all words without blood of contract
 compass points North, East, South and West
warm taint, flames flicker of wax in black
 hold no threat of harm, physical, of mind, spirit or soul
test thy not, nor charm, for thy guard against
cometh from beyond thoust casting out
 thy stray not from the righteous path in pretense
I bid thee come forth, Periculosum, thou are summoned now
 Morning-star burning, fallen from the bowels
come forth, enlightenment of knowledge revealed aloud
 thoust bound within thy circle, protection, allied unto the first
I pledge nothing, thy respect, rendering not unto thou proud seal
 not of thou beliefs, nor heart; summoning from descension
thou unto thee, truly but one sought apart, dire is thy plead
 as the Watchers reign of the Ancients call, reality shall shun all deviations
grant thy mind the power to see within dreams, visions, history not yet unfolded of time
 prince appear without beguile, nor treachery, sham, or of the Mirrored-one
deceit from the beginning, I am aware of sin, nocturnal of the divine
 sentries riding the Earth's wind, wings of angels spun from dreams devoid of sun
scryer, seer of past centuries; thou pupil in testament of Sybil's mind
 thou, Periculosum, thy compelth thee, appear alone, cometh
I summon thee unto thy circle of heated stone
silence broken, I hear a great weight in stride and step
 thumping, earth sinks, imprinted hoof, I feel a wary sense, numb
reign unto thou Under-world, thou only observes in disdain here
 tempo paramount of drums unto war, truce upon the hour
mirrored eclipse, thunder of the summoned, thy will not fear
I am aware thoust convey images of terror
 from the beginning, I am aware of sin
throne of thorns, beware soothsayer unlearned, so warned
 nightmare walking, contrary among the mimics wake
cymbals begin, magic chimes in cacophonous chaos, accompany blasting, shaking of horns  
 desired hold among the liars, forsaken
shadows of souls, the unlit, thy unwavering fortitude limitless
 seductive chanting echoes in reverse, perverse trance induced to no avail
worn halo aglow, hearing unending weeping from emptiness unveiled
 thou walk this world unclean, cloaked in hood, obscene eyes that glower unprovoked
breathing pain, raining soot, cleft hoof cripples, blood curdles of cloven foot
 reveal secrets unknown to man, unto thee, enlighten without woe
knowledge of the unknown, but to thou, the divine, fortunes inspired thusly shown
 unsealed, without threat, shown to understand, thou cometh from the set command
 conjurer, magician of man, wizards knoweth thy
weary of man's greedy heart, thy repel thou legion, beasts of deceitfulness
 all consuming dread, feed not upon thy soul of thou howling word said
nor bodily harm, portal open only of black twilight to behold
 smeared lullabies in ludicrous cries of a taunting melody   from your fife, come crudely, eerily upon the air
drifting, subdued, shape-shifter looms again unheard, unsated  
 loud lull, silence of the perfumed putrid portray their surmise, without mercy's shrouded sigh
behemoth among the shut, pray to God that made him thus
 violin strings twinge in angry strives, spewed popping twangs and pings, marooned cries
bones caress in a bedlam of burlesque, restless upon a sudden haunting hush
 hearing night-noises near their nightmare
the poisoned peer beyond  
shriveled, destroyed from their festering fiends that vibrate the venomous calm
 violence of demons infect and numb, visuals veer visceral to succumb
obscene, the ferocious in a raucous din reverts to reversed hissing psalms
 cellos in chords of dissonance, the macabre hand rakes soft flesh and death upon us
bone and hair of human, fur and fang from the beast
 moaning from their lair, nightmares drawing demons to their feast
they abhor all that is righteous, religion of Christ, blasphemy reveals the unclean, the wicked, the unbelieving
 bleed, O bleed, sanguine sirens chorus thy creed of vice  
Written by jakehammer
Published | Edited 31st Oct 2014
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