What Does Love Feel Like

What Does Love Feel Like
When the world feels against you where do you look for comfort
You feel confused and bewildered battered and wronged
You inner words are no help
Your inner doubts manifest themselves loudly
The sense of hurt sits on your shoulder like a heavy burden
Your parents are long gone and what they would say is dim faint memory
Some burdens you do not have the right to share you made your bed so face up to it
So as you consider your innermost thoughts you consider what does love feel like
Emotions swirl around your mind recollections, tastes, smells, senses of touch, sounds colours, places.
As you process the collective experiences you realise that you do know what love feels like
They say you fall in love and it is not something over which you have any control love happens
Love actually happens and you can draw strength and comfort simply by recalling shared moments
Queen Victoria grieved her whole life for her Albert
You know intuitively when you met your soul-mate its feels safe and meant to be
It is like knowing you are embarking on writing the perfect novel it has a beginning middle and end
Life affords you the opportunity to rewrite or recall any page or chapter and make of it what you will
Anything you feel you have done wrong can be corrected love is totally forgiving given to you freely Like you last breath or heartbeat
Love is pulsating colourful vibrant noisy yet silent flowing like a river constantly moving forward
Love does not allow you to swim up-stream life a salmon there is no going backwards only onwards
Love is like to magnets cast into the river opposite poles attract and together they are stronger as one magnet alone in the world
When you feel love you sense the seasons changing and long know what is coming next
You know that whatever happens you are not alone your soul-mate understands your needs
You can gain great strength by looking back and appreciating how you got to where you are
Your first look, hearing your voice, smelling you perfume, watching the way you move, the emotions you invoked in me, the light, the warmth the pure sense of your presence amplified my every emotion
You know it is OK to look back in order to understand how you can move forward
So now close your eyes take a deep breath as I hold your hand and realise that you know precisely what love and being loved feels like
Think of the firsts
Show of interest
Tender words
Private asides
Secret language
Little Kisses
Emotional response
Secret erotically charged looks
Private language
Reaction to the words, I love you
Your first gift
Your response to recognising that your feelings were reciprocated
So now let me tell you how I came to fall in love with you
Your voice was soft disguising a slight anxiety every word you uttered showed that you cared
You expressed a real interest matched by your body language
Which brings me to your body, your legs are stunning and your waist is perfectly proportioned
You looked the complete package well before I get to you amazing face
There is a softness about your face that invites kisses and I never tire of showering you with kisses
So I guess you really know what love fees like
Written by firemonkey
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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