It could have been worse

Itís a day of disasters
a scraped knee and fresh bruises
from tripping in public
sprawled on the ground
with no one to help me up
because ďIím fine, Iím fineĒ
with a smile
(I donít need heels to trip on a flat surface
but it helps)

$40 dollar new shoes worn onceÖ
snapped the strap
but nothing I canít fix
with a needle and thread
but Iím already half an hour late for work

Itís a good thing we sell shoes
though I end up with the ugliest shoes possible
because being a ďspecialty boutiqueĒ
they donít really sell shoes for people like me
aka bigfoot
at least I can give myself a discount
and they only end up costing me $10

Morning tea dropped on the floor
I lick the cream off the side
and donít think of the ground
and what might have been there
Iím sure the 3 second rule still counts
at my age
besides, I was too desperate
to chuck it in the bin

When lunch comes around
I wonder if you can get salmonella
from undercooked beef
I was in a rush this morning
and the cow looks like it might
still be mooíing
there is balsamic vinegar dressing everywhere
and my cow salad has bled onto my desk
itís not a good look

I eat my lunch and try not to gag
on the fact that the meat is more raw
than I like it

Customers come in and out all day
all 25 of them in 8 hours
I counted
though I smile at the fact that today
I can tell my boss I sold more
than a $20 sale top

I miss the first bus home
and get locked out of the bathroom
by my housemate when I get in
not because she wants it
but because I do

Iím so exhausted I wash
my hair twice with body wash
before I grab the conditioner

The upside is that my hair
will be super clean and now
I undeniably smell like cream and raspberries

But it could have been worseÖ
at least I didn't end the day
with hair removal cream
to add to my potential salmonella poisoning

© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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