How to have an adventure. Part 4.

1. It's midnight and your heading out
into The Valley.
You're barely out the door when
a random drunk guy hits you up.
He asks where you're going
you say "The Beat"
and he looks you over before asking
if you're gay.
You say you are and he's like damn
says "fuck the randoms " and walks off.
You're glad he's gone.

2. You crouch down on a street corner
and transfer everything from your backpack
into the shoulder bag you bought to carry
your band merch in.
It all just fits, including your backpack
all rolled up and shoved down.
You don't want to get rejected from the club
and have to hang out on the streets all night.
Between the stumbling drunk girls
in broken heels and the over-abundance of cops
and the homeless chicks trying to bum cigarettes off you
the prospect doesn't look appealing.

3. You get let in to the club
but not before the bouncer molests your bags
to make sure you’re not bringing any drinks in
and you feel kind of ridiculous
having to explain why you’re bringing such
a big bag out clubbing.

4. The first thing you do is hit the smoking area.
You attach yourself to the first person who talks to you
a drunk girl in a red dress.
She’s out with her brother and a friend.
They leave her to dance and you sit with her and let her talk.
When she said she doesn’t shut up, she wasn’t lying.
You listened to her talk about herself for 15 minutes
before you suggested you go inside to dance
where you were temporarily saved.

 5. You’d seen him dancing.
Flexible would be an understatement.
He had the grace and build of a ballerina
and when you turned away from the dance floor
he wrapped his arms around you from behind
and dragged you out to dance.
If you hadn’t been in a gay club
you would have flipped out and
and left the guy icing his balls.
Instead you go with the flow
and despite yourself you find you’re having fun
dancing with this skinny queer guy
to remixes of classic gay anthems
while realizing you hate the stereotypical-ness
of gay clubs.

6. After being half-hugged to death
you escape for another cigarette.
You’re getting good at this
escaping from people and singling
other people out for conversations.
It’s easier than you’d thought it would be.
A part of you feared you’d be lonely tonight.
You’re not. You’re having a good time.
It’s only 1am.

7. Underneath it all you’re slowly
counting down the hours
‘til 5am.

© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 10th Nov 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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