How to have an adventure. Part 2.

1. You almost never get fan girlie.  
Being a performer you realise  
that all performers are just people.  
You get all fan girlie anyway and run off  
after their set instead of going up to talk to them  
like you want to.  
2. Find your phone is dead again and that you have an hour  
‘til the next band you’re dying to see is going to be on  
Head back to the gaming café for forty minutes  
To charge your phone and strike up a conversation  
with a cute little nerd playing with magic  
(Vanguard) cards.  
3. Feel the power of what it is to be a woman  
and smile to yourself at the fact  
that despite being a lesbian you’re not offended  
that the poor kid can’t work out  
whether or not to look at your boobs  
or your face, and so looks at both.  
4. Pretend like you actually know what the fuck  
he is talking about.  
Smile and nod and ask questions about strategy.  
Tell him it’s all cool when he gets so excited  
about what he’s explaining that he has to stop  
and berate himself for it.  
You think it’s really great to see someone  
so passionate about something  
even if you have no idea what their talking about.  
5. Bail out when another Vanguard aficionado
comes along and not even your boobs will keep anyone interested.  
Tell the guy you just met that it was nice to meet him  
and that you might see him around some time,
he’s got you all interested in cards now.  
You’re only half-lying.
6. Head back to the concert, it’s just down the road.  
Go to the merch desk, and turn around to find  
the leads singer of your fave band standing behind you.  
Say “Hey, you’re from Harlequin, right?
I travelled four hour just to see you”.  
Feel really cool when he looks surprised  
and says thank you.  
© Indie Adams 2014
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 21st Oct 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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